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142 jeux en 1 app!Cette collection est suffisant pour satisfaire tous vos besoins de jeu!

( 1,078,050 )
Versão: 1.3.32
Tamanho: 35M


138 jeux pour ravir tous les joueurs !
Énigmes, jeux d'arcades effrénés, courses automobiles, sport, cuisine, FPS, sudoku et bien plus encore !
Ce pack comblera vraiment tous les joueurs !

★ Ce jeu renferme 138 jeux dans 1 seule application ! ★

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Commentaires à propos de 101-in-1 Games

  •  dogwalker

    dogwalker It's okay but... This game is really good for short games and passing time however I don't like that you can't have all the games and have to unlock them. I wouldn't mind so much if you got quite a few games then had to unlock more but the way it is just makes the game slightly boring as you don't have many games to play and have to play quite a few or for quite a while to be able to unlock the next game. Some of the games on this are really fun and enjoyable though so I do like this app I'm just being picky really ;) Enjoy it!

  •  saadmehmood1988

    saadmehmood1988 Great games! Lots of variety! Love the games! Easy to get tokens to buy a new game. They even have special events, one is where you can get a new game for half the tokens! Some games are really easy others are very challenging. One of my favorite games because of the variety, without using all my bites! Amazing!

  •  Flora_Mamn

    Flora_Mamn The best U guys r the best,best game ever. Thank you so much for fixing all my problems. Love u guys start playing it over because I reinstalled it it's taking forever to get the million-dollar games to pop up have not got one yet please send one Fabulous!

  •  6figuredave

    6figuredave Addicting love it I just got this game played it for 15 minuets and im tottaly addicted to this. I tottaly love the games exept i reccomand a "how to play." the games are old school games so i dont know how to play some of them, plz have Instructions.Above all everything else is totaly amazing. Cool

  •  qavdtska

    qavdtska Keeps the kids entertained It's a shame it takes so many points to unlock the games as we find we get stuck going over the same games just to try to get enough points for some new games, that's the only negative I've got with it Highly Recommend.

  •  sonsiosn000

    sonsiosn000 Alcatel One Touch Start Move love this app.. this all I can say. kids always be asking to play games on my phone and now I can say yes... just kidding ill still say no bcuz I don't want them to break my phone haha ayways great app I love it havnt experienced any bugs thus far so keep up the good work. Fantastic

  •  stevedaugher12

    stevedaugher12 Fun Games Had this app on my old phone & I forgot how much fun it was. Just re-down loaded it & I'm happily playing it again. Awesome that it is still free & there are so many games to play. I was so addicted to Frapper & unfortunately it's a million coins so I will be playing awhile to rack up enough coins to get it again. But definitely enjoying having 101 +41 back on my phone! Well done!!

  •  Emadalieree

    Emadalieree Better than I thought! I had an iphone , and I'm sorry the most of the apps just can't be beat. this app is really good. I have the app in high def that is a hundred and one games Plus for and actually this one is better and its not even in high def. the graphics are better and the games are fun to play no glitches no problems just good fun! Flawless

  •  1BypepeseFlepe

    1BypepeseFlepe Cool Good selection of pretty cool games. Some are super easy some are super hard. Good time consuming game. I recommend it. Pretty good

  •  calvinreyes410

    calvinreyes410 Great mix of games Great games some easier than others. U need to build up loads of points to open up new games. There r lots of little things the makers could do to make it better. Keep the old adage KISS or keep it simple stupid. Highly Recommend.

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