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Jouez à 300: LA NAISSANCE D'UN EMPIRE - GLOIRE ET VENGEANCE et aidez le général Grecque Thémistocle à réunir toute la Grèce pour stopper les forces Perses dirigées par Artemisia, la vindicative Commandant de la marine Perse. 300: LA NAISSANCE D'UN EMPIRE, un nouveau chapitre de la fresque épique dans laquelle une bataille navale fait rage. Avec Sullivan Stapleton, Eva Green, Lena Headey, Hans Matheson & Rodrigo Santoro. Au cinéma le 12 mars! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de 300: GLOIRE ET VENGEANCE

  •  scfottsbk

    scfottsbk Too short but allover great game Game is very short,,consist of 4 battles only, but it satisfy it size n truely based on movie. It shows main battle scenes too.. Waiting for a long game for pc n phone Flawless

  •  suzunakurakichan

    suzunakurakichan Mixed feelings It's actually a well designed/fun game. Great graphics and playability. But the game itself is very short (10 mins max and you have finished it). Yes it's free but they could have made this a proper game and I believe people would have been happy to pay/been ok with in-app purchases. I'd give it 5 stars if it wasn't so short but then again you get what you pay for Amazing!

  •  hazel123

    hazel123 Very Nice! The game works fine on GS4. But can you also optimize this for lower end phone? My other phone got 512 ram 1ghz dual core processor. It is so laggy on that phone. Please have an option to lower graphics. Thank you for this awesome free game! Surprisingly

  •  borntodie7

    borntodie7 Excellent game. A five star game for sure nice graphics and gameplay. Too many ingrates though, you have a free game with nice graphics and good gameplay with no IAP and they still complain with a straight face like they own warner bros LOL! Cheapskates. Works great

  •  BeinitehIbiq

    BeinitehIbiq I like the game if you read this FRICKING fix this its bull crap only four levels I beg you just make more its so if you don't. People download blood of glory get it NOW please Muito bom!

  •  tcampbell

    tcampbell Nice but annoyingly short Nice game, nice controls, would like a more dynamic camera angle, and it os just tooo short. Are they trying to get us pised? I would give this game a 7 star when they give us over 100 battles. Omg

  •  usfmep

    usfmep Confused. Great game but only 4 battles. Have I wasted 10 minutes of my time on such a small game. Any updates coming? 5 star if there were many more levels. Good

  •  nickgibbens

    nickgibbens Add More War Levels Awesome game that I ever played. Better graphics and full of actions which made this game much interested. Very beautiful game at last loved it so much. Requesting u to add some more war levels which would make it endless. Go well

  •  irfansanu

    irfansanu Just want more It seems very very lazy to make it so short. This is basically everything I want in a game but was just gutted to realise only 4levels, will there be anymore? Just wow

  •  marbel

    marbel COULD BE SO MUCH BETTER. Please make it longer with more of a storyline the gameplay is pretty good and so are the graphics. I was just getting into it then I completed the game within 10 mins of downloading it. More levels with a map of some kind and more moves, enemies, weapons and armour are needed... Flawless

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