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8 Ball Pool es un juego de billar para Android, que nos permitirá jugar contra jugadores de todo el mundo a través de Internet, en partidas por turnos en las que tendremos que demostrar quién es el mejor con el taco en la mano... es decir, con la yema del dedo haciendo de taco.

La mecánica de 8 Ball Pool es muy similar a la de cualquier otro título de billar. Tendremos que dirigir el taco con el dedo, y deslizarlo hacia delante para golpear la bola en la dirección que deseemos. De esta forma, tendremos que intentar ganar a nuestro contrincante ateniéndonos a las reglas que se apliquen en ese momento: meter lisas o meter rayadas.

Cuando ganamos partidas, también ganamos monedas. Con estas monedas, mientras no estamos dentro de una partida, podremos comprar diferentes mejoras para nuestro taco. Al principio tan solo tendremos un taco de madera lisa, pero podremos comprar muchos diferentes para golpear las bolas con mucho más estilo.

8 Ball Pool es un juego de billar con una mecánica muy sólida, en el que los jugadores podrán competir a través de Internet contra sus amigos de Facebook u otros oponentes aleatorios. Además, el juego tiene un apartado visual excelente y muy cuidado.
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Commentaires à propos de 8 Ball Pool

  •  Snunnytobnesy

    Snunnytobnesy Fun but... I really don't like the new spinning wheel the most i won was 150 and thats it. I don't even bother spinning it anymore. And it sucks i cant play with the majority of my friends unless they upgrade and how am i suppose to tell them?. Getting rings was a good idea i like that. But what i also don't like is that its not alternate breaks so it makes it harder to win cause they break and run. I've played 6xs on the Las Vegas table and i never got to break even if i won the game. Its not worth my money Good

  •  ethanchazin

    ethanchazin Shivam sukhthankar A best game .. whoever made , I motivate him or her to make more interesting game that people should like .. I played him it is very interesting game .. player from all over , world plays with us kindly.. I play it whenever I m free.... if you like this review that please download it once and play it.. you will surely like it. But it has a huge problem it has very bad spin wheel Go well

  •  Ojqxnugk

    Ojqxnugk Good game. I have 2 issues. 1) I have been regular and have claimed the spins for the last 1 month and not once have i gotten anything other than 100 coins. If you are gonna make it suck then why have the spin at all?. 2) after i have already potted the last black ball and someone decides to lock their phone why am i asked to wait for like forever? I have already won it. It doesnt matter if the other person is alive or dead. Just dont waste my time. Change these two and the game is perfect. Omg

  •  Bonnie99

    Bonnie99 8ball pool Is a good family game because you can play this with anyone in the fam or just friends anyone with a decent phone can play. I have family everywhere in the states and in the middle east.... so I dont get to see everybody but at least I can play a game of pool with them. Good times...... I love you family and friends. The only thing that I don't like is all the mini games, I dont get to play enough as well as the spin wheel always seems to hit the same thing time after time. 5 star

  •  RRAcrossHealth

    RRAcrossHealth Enjoyable. Improvements Possible The game itself is a good time killer and fun. I've noticed problems with dropping games for example in the all out match I dropped a game because my service dropped for a second. Lost all my coins. The most important improvement I think needs made; there should be a call every shot for all the games. I don't understand why I need a 10k coin game to have a fair chance and not have people hit the cue as hard as they can and pray. Worth a go!

  •  Oscicktip

    Oscicktip The shizzle Best online pool game its awesome no lag time hours and hours fun. They need to add a verification before games start I lost all my coins on accidentally hitting the 500,000 game I have stopped playing it all the time because of that. About to just uninstall because it's no fun after that... wish they would refund them plus daily spin is rigged Well done!!

  •  Showayne

    Showayne Fun game. But.. I love this game but i notice a no. of issues. Many times i'm not suppose to lose the game but it really looks like something is preventing me to win. I play pool myself and i know the ball's dynamics. i notice that my cue ball goes in more often. It goes to directions where it is not suppose to go then the pocket sucks it in. I also notice that at times the timer is not working right and says i ran out off time even after pocketing the ball. Even the cue stick control and the shot force are not consistent. Marvelous

  •  thegardengates

    thegardengates Fun, but addictive game It's a really fun game! Easy to learn and move up quickly. At times yhe connection can be a little sliw or freeze & you miss your turn...and the other thing I don't like is when you're paired up with someone who's a much higher level than you, and they get the break...I think it should go to the lower level player. But these are minor things. Overall it's a great game! Fabulous!

  •  Immumesybep

    Immumesybep Love it! I play this game during every break at work, while waiting in the doctor's office, and when I get home from work. I have experienced every emotion possible all in the same day with this game. If there was a rehab facility for this game, I would probably be submitted. Best game EVER! I have access to a pool table at home 24/7 and I can't help but play this game instead. I'm addicted.i wouldn't be surprised if you see me on the next episode of intervention. Marvelous

  •  Erika_rith

    Erika_rith Not Bad For a person that enjoys playing pool in the real world, I believe this is a good digital alternative. Though I will say that the rules for this game will tend to differ from that of real pool. And the only bug that I have noticed with the game is the free spins that you get everyday. Everytime I do it, I get 150 coins and no other prizes which takes out the luck factor. Worth a go!

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