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General Adaptive Apps Pty Ltd

l'aa est le "bonjour" app pour les Téléphones Android & les Tablettes.

( 875,964 )
Versão: 1.7.2
Tamanho: 7.4M


aa hne l'application "bonjour le monde" pour les téléphones Android et tablettes.

hache-aa c'est comme le serpent sur un vieux téléphone de briques, il est l'ambiguïté.

faits à la Main en Australie,
général Adaptative

Si elle est pas publiée par le général Adaptative Apps Pty Ltd - il est pas le aa authentique et original. Ne vous laissez pas berner par des clones. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de aa

  •  OgnjenDJ

    OgnjenDJ Its OK there are a lot of advertising on it which makes me hate the game even more. If there were no ads its would be a 5 star easily Great job

  •  elnrich33

    elnrich33 Love the game, hate the ads Way too many ads now...that my have the ones at the bottom of the screen and then every couple of levels/deaths there are the full screen ones that are hell to get rid of Omg

  •  psulsimpson

    psulsimpson Good game.... It's a good game but it can be better, I started playing this game like a week ago. It's really addictive and in 2 or 3 days I got to level 50. But I'm stuck on that level, and it get's boring doing the same thing and failing on that same level:-(There are also too many ADS ( And it's been 4 or 5 days since I tried playing the game again..) So please fix...:-) Brilliant

  •  insurance72

    insurance72 AA ( the best game ever ) Love this app get this app it's the best app ever well best game ever got this app in 1 day I can get up 2 leave 8 so I'm 1 week (5 days) I can get up to leacal 40 wow that's a lot get this app NOW it's the best Surprisingly

  •  malorie9

    malorie9 Damn this Game. I can't stop playing. Just one more try. As i lie to myself. Want to smack the person that introduced me to it. LOL 5 star

  •  EnubWriguri

    EnubWriguri Yah This is a fun game that engages your brain and is good for all ages! The only thing is it gets a little frustrating after a while! Enjoy it!

  •  spaseTeta

    spaseTeta Like the game but the ads every two seconds are so frustrating, makes me want to stop playing the game Marvelous

  •  Ainslielx

    Ainslielx Addicted. My 13 year old daughter is obsessed with the game but when I tried it she got me kinda addicted too lol ;p love it

  •  PJohnson44

    PJohnson44 Lovesvit This is like you have someone's life in your own hands its really cool I love this game but 1through 100 I would pick 99 cause it sorts glitches Not bad

  •  krowmarkworkwear

    krowmarkworkwear Time consuming ☺ This game is fantastic and it takes up time when your bored and I don't THINK it needs wifi. Recommend

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