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Le jeu par navigateur phénomène vient pour mobile! Il'une cellule mangeurs de frénésie!

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Agar.io es un juego exclusivamente online muy original, en el que los jugadores controlarán una pequeña bola, con la que tendrán que intentar absorber a otras bolas más pequeñas que él. El problema es que al mismo tiempo habrá muchos otros jugadores haciendo exactamente lo mismo... y si su bola es mayor que la nuestra podrán absorbernos.

Dependiendo de el nombre de usuario que utilicemos podremos jugar con un tipo de bola u otra. Por ejemplo, si ponemos de nombre 'Mexico' podremos jugar con una bola con la bandera de México; mientras que si ponemos 'Doge', podremos jugar con el famoso perro de los memes.

El sistema de juego es muy simple: dejando pulsado el dedo en la pantalla podremos movernos libremente de un lado a otro, esquivando a otros jugadores más grandes e intentando absorber a los más pequeños. Si tenemos la mala suerte de ser absorbidos, tan sólo tendremos que empezar de nuevo.

Agar.io es un juego original y divertido, cuya mecánica recuerda mucho a la del excelente Osmos. La principal diferencia, claro está, es que en esta ocasión el juego es fundamentalmente online y, sobre todo, mucho más frenético.
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Commentaires à propos de Agar.io

  •  lomeDooneep

    lomeDooneep Grate boardom buster! Agar.io is a grate boredom buster and I do enjoy the objective of the game, its all about getting bigger! I recommend 4G LTE or equivalent when you play on mobile to get the best gameplay, but do note, some servers are better than others when it comes to lagging. Oh, and Rush Mode takes way way way too long... Fantastic

  •  jenny0972

    jenny0972 Big people Is there even a limit to the max mass in one cell becuase the servers are dominated by 2/3 wayy too big people and you cant even kill them. If you hit them with a virus they split huge pieces that kill everyone in a huge area. Marvelous

  •  kellirussell

    kellirussell Plz add and fix Plz add friends list, so you can look them up or add friends with those you played with, that would be really awesome, thanks! And also fix some of the God damm stuff here, why can the people in 1st eat viruses and not be phased even a little? One moment I am perfectly fine then I can't move for 30 seconds and in that time someone eats me! Fix this and u get ur star's back. Also, I can't record without getting some damm adds, add something in the shop so you can disable adds for a day or something wow lol

  •  webfast4u

    webfast4u Why make the PC version the best? It's kinda annoying that in most games, the PC version is always the best. I wish mobile had team mode, experimental mode and party mode (especially party mode.) There are too many big cells teaming, which makes it impossible to survive. Also, people are teaming in Rush mode. Please activate anti-teaming penalty and make party mode (at least.) Perfect!

  •  sksharma

    sksharma Super addictive. But only 1 issue...it is really hard to get coins they give u about 20 every hour, so I get about 150 everyday, and there are barely any apps to download to get coins anymore. And also there is a ton of stuff that I could buy to buy. Including triple xp- 990 coins triple mass- 990 coins and also good skins cost about 5000-10000. Amazing!

  •  Goodwin

    Goodwin AMAZING GAME! This game is fun and it's a challenge to get to your goal in this game you also earn stuff as u go new things sometimes just randomly come my only complaint is that it Lags only rarely but it is bad lag but other wise it's EPIC Great!

  •  yjzzakinut

    yjzzakinut Needs AI Mode and Reward for Rush Mode It would be better if there was an offline mode because I can't also play on data or wifi. Plus i love Rush and usually win at it but there needs to be a prize for top 5 or top 3. A double or triple mass Reward or coins would be great. Please add these things. Thanks. Marvelous

  •  Arabela1

    Arabela1 Decent game, irritating rating popups The game is quite good but even after rating it half a dozen times it keeps asking me to rate it again (presumably because the rating was not a 5). Very intrusive. Removed one more star for that. Also the ads get clicked randomly. Highly Recommend.

  •  careergrowth

    careergrowth Annoying Little Kids It's a great game, but the only annoying thing is the cancerous children bumlickin the YouTubers. Especially when people bumlickin THEM BECAUSE they have a fancy username. It can also be extremely laggy at somepoints. The biggest issue is the players. Just constant teaming, ruining the gameplay for others... Superb!

  •  AtaeTuvisio

    AtaeTuvisio Good but Good but you should make an offline mode against the A.I like slither.io and give more exp when leveling up an make it so you can get to level 150. Also the servers are overun by hackers who eat everything it's nearly impossible to get on the leader boards now. Amazing!

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