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Full Fat

Fonctionne non-stop à travers le trou de méchants ennemis

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Versão: 5.0_747
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Mission vous est que la plupart des bases que possible, que vous pouvez détruit . Dans un environnement avec toute menace sur les ennemis et le diable, est livré avec compétence, des séries, de votre affaire Caractéristiques: La possibilité de connexion et la concurrence est sur Facebook Excellent contrôle De superbes graphismes Jeu exploratoire Le son est parfait Possibilité d'ajouter des widgets Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Agent Dash

  •  GA_Marketing

    GA_Marketing Love it alot, but... Loved the Christmas Dash missions (loved Reindeer Goodtug)! Only, when the next update came to change it back, all my character outfit modes vanished, leaving only base players. NEW EDIT: Thanks to FF's latest mods, they're all back, and I'm a happy Super Agent again! (Tho' I still miss "deer" Joanna) Perfect

  •  48739hds

    48739hds Great game! It is similar to Temple Run, Despicable Me, and Subway Surfers and I love those games! Recommend

  •  lsgallin

    lsgallin I love this game I was wondering if there r better diamonds than the red 1s but this game is great one of the best games I've played so far Flawless

  •  jorgechalela

    jorgechalela Really best It like Subway + Temple Run but more adventure. Maybe next time added more location like on super market or city. Perfect

  •  Anymnintony

    Anymnintony Fun When I first started playing this game I thought it was going to be boring,but it turns out it's a really good game!DOWNLOAD IT!!! Works great

  •  vipseo09

    vipseo09 Love it This game is awesome. It is kind of like Subway Surfers but more intense,filled with spy related things, and easier to win! Just wow

  •  vipseo10

    vipseo10 Nice but not good enough! ! Game is not as responsive as other running games like temple run...and is stuffed with ads. wow lol

  •  martinmarkati

    martinmarkati Addictive But.... If I missed I have to continue from beginning because of cost purchase,that's not fair ........! Brilliant

  •  golons

    golons Nice game but only free running its makes bores plz make missions just like despicable me Flawless

  •  uetcsub

    uetcsub Agent dash It is so good I loooove it you have to try agent dash but it might be a bit hard Cool

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