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Alien Creeps TD es un 'tower defense' tradicional en el que los jugadores tendrán que colocar diferentes torres defensivas a lo largo de un camino por el que los enemigos tendrán que ir avanzando. Su objetivo será llegar hasta nuestra zona defensiva, mientras que el nuestro será acabar con todos ellos antes de que lo consigan.

En Alien Creeps TD tendremos un buen puñado de torres defensivas con las que proteger la Tierra del ataque de los alienígenas. Además, y como viene siendo habitual dentro del género, los jugadores podrán mejorar cada una de las torres para que estas inflijan más daño a los enemigos. Ametralladoras, lanza misiles, torres de soldados, lanzadores de rayos... tendremos muchas distintas.

Además de torres defensivas normales, en Alien Creeps TD podremos controlar a varios héroes diferentes. Los héroes son personajes especiales que podremos mover libremente por el escenario y serán capaces de marcar la diferencia con su enorme poder. Eso sí, tendremos que tener cuidado con ellos, porque también pueden morir.

Alien Creeps TD es un buen juego de estrategia para Android, que incluye una divertida campaña con más de una veintena de niveles distintos. Lo mejor: cada uno de estos niveles dura en torno a los dos minutos, un tiempo perfecto para que podamos jugar una partida en cualquier momento y lugar.
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Commentaires à propos de Alien Creeps TD

  •  Tealaextelm

    Tealaextelm Good game Why don't you create a hero called alien rebel. It would be a great hero. Please make the event a little easier.. and please consider my request... where are the free gems from creeps kill??? Fantastic

  •  soniaclerc08

    soniaclerc08 Good but too many ads Video ads keep appearing, and its is the same video ad, if you really must show video ads, how bout showing different ones everytime. Superb!

  •  De370o7w

    De370o7w MOAAAR!! And plz make heroes available with coins or gems Last scenarios are really hard to pull off on veteran or spec ops without another hero. I'd recommend it more to everyone if you brought these changes and keep on with the story. Edit: after the rewards update and getting another hero I've been kept waiting for more and more updates. Nice work. Tx for the game! Edit: last map for the dynamites event is impossible!!! You need to use a lot of bonus weapons and extras to achieve victory. Ive never felt so helpless with a phone game...Help please! Pretty good

  •  allxuniversity

    allxuniversity its ok crashes soooo much on bluestacks hence the 4 only stars update...dropped down to 3 stars because i keep getting asked to rate game even though i already have Flawless

  •  sdwnbkzu

    sdwnbkzu Fantastic! Great job on this game guys. I downloaded it 2 days ago and haven't been able to put it down yet! Muito bom!

  •  suraj462

    suraj462 Fun... Awesome game... really fun and killing time is a breeze.... just a pitty u gotta pay for new hero's... any way they can be earned? Highly Recommend.

  •  buntisingh

    buntisingh It's a good game. Actually I play this game after my class and so good because my rest tym I'm not feel boring .. Brilliant

  •  princegeegee

    princegeegee Best tower defense I have played Unfortunately, I am experiencing random, but unbearable, often freezing lag that should not be there, since I am on an S5. It is either incredibly poorly optimised, or just glitching edit:I have attempted to reinstall in hopes of fixing my lag and turns out there is no google play games sync. Horrible experience as I was rather far in the game. Well done!!

  •  Masterlink

    Masterlink Good game Very addictive and good looking. Nice game play. A shame the only way to unlock characters is to buy them. Still good though Superb!

  •  WebAdClassifieds

    WebAdClassifieds Not enjoying it anymore Previous event was impossible. This one is ok but still tough. When saw updates include mods I thought mods to increase rate of fire or damage. But all that I have got is turn speed and range(for wrong tower). wow lol

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