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Vous incarnez un courageux ninja, votre objectif est de tuer les ninjas rouges, et évitez les ninjas bleus de votre camp. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Amazing Ninja

  •  floydandassoc

    floydandassoc An Additional Update Needed Before I installed the game, I scrolled through the pictures. I liked it. I then came across a pic that made me worry about the controls, but that's not the problem. You see, I got an android. Not the best, but okay. The game keeps crashing, preventing me from actually PLAYING it. This isn't a huge deal, but fix the bug and you will get a happy 5* coming from me. Thank you! Enjoy it!

  •  travismcpher410

    travismcpher410 A little bit addicted. My high score is 64, but I do agree with the people who mentioned about having the reds or blues too close after a double jump. I even had issues where I doubled jumped yet I only tapped once for one jump so that was a bit irritating. Overall, good game. Muito bom!

  •  rxzamnocqr

    rxzamnocqr Im a big Fan of ninja Every movi or game or anything elses but it has a ninja i really love it like this game so 5stars for this super sick game! -Alexander Cool

  •  Arrareeunarce

    Arrareeunarce Loved it Its a basic game you jump over your tam and kill the enemy but some thing about it just makes you happy and have fun with the game =)

  •  oregonpatchworks

    oregonpatchworks Slightly fun Time killer. Not so intrusive ads. Spinning in the air and attacking is not possible but getting killed before landing is, because... whynot. What kinda ninja bumps his head into an ally and dies? Lol but overall a cool game.

  •  msafqguwej

    msafqguwej Its fun It is really fun and adding a good time passer, but I think its kinda stupid how you die when you run into the blue guys

  •  jameslaurren

    jameslaurren It was fun It's simple but hard kinda like flappy bird but I like challenges so I injoy this game but I'm not addicted to, I think it could have something like power ups or it could have more details to the game lt's self.

  •  tjcfyfi

    tjcfyfi Add a shop Add a shop so every time you kill someone you get like a coin and so then you use the coins 2 get outfits, swords and assesories Great!

  •  hueina

    hueina I love this game but its tricky Ohh do you know the game zig zag.there's a glitch for it.I'll tell u. Double tap the retry button and the scoreboard when you die.its totally awesome.good thing is the glitch goes on for every.I forgot to mention,instead of staying on the blue u have to avoid the blue.let it go off the side of the screen.then keep tapin.but ur fingers might Hart after awhile. Works perfectly

  •  alamin

    alamin Epic game Love this game. The only downside is that the blue and red guys keep spawning randomly so sometimes we have to run into them. Also, please add score for jumping over the blue guys. Other than that, great game! Enjoy it!

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