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Versão: 1.1.5
Tamanho: 20.27MB


قسمت پنجم از بازی خشم آدمک با 40 میلیون دانلود از سراسر دنیا، در این قسمت آدمک داستان ما خشم خود را روی آدمک های زامبی خالی خواهد کرد! داستان بازی از این قرار است که گروهی مرموز به شهر آدمک ها آمده اند و عده ای از آدمک های بیگناه را قربانی آزمایشات سری خود کردند. حالا هزاران آدمک به زامبی تبدیل شده اند که قهرمان داستان مجبور است همه شان را از بین ببرد. ویژگی ها: - امکان دستیابی به 6 نوع آدمک همراه و قابل اعتماد - امکان کمک گرفتن از حداکثر سه آدمک دیگر در هر مرحله از بازی - ارتقای سطح آدمک با بالا رفتن امتیاز تجربه اش دقیقا مثل بازی های نقش محور - دارای دو حالت تک نفره و جامبی برای انجام بازی - امکان انجام حرکات و زدن ضربات مختلف با آدمک Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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  •  hyt728

    hyt728 So so Though a good game, the developer is just way to eager to handicap my avatar. When you handicap me so badly, all my movements are so slow and laborious compared to all the enemies, I just turn the game off. I don't like to fight when it's so unfair. Its also way too difficult to aim with the guns. And the control buttons are way too confusing. Too bad. This could have been great. Just wow

  •  winniewu

    winniewu Good game Great game for action but it could do with some more combo's. Also the faces of the 'prisoners' are from the diary of a wimpy kid books Amazing!

  •  sylvestermccormick

    sylvestermccormick Great but less money Hey J-Park it's a nice game but, all of us who play this game need a money, can u update it and have daily rewards to us all? Please We need you're help. Thank you for your cooperation Perfect

  •  walkfreezerwint

    walkfreezerwint Just perfect for time killing Its a great game, a definite have if you are one of those who need to kill time occasionally or get less time but want to do something in it. Awesome

  •  thepremiumstocks

    thepremiumstocks The following link to a few days ago but I don't have any updates from you soon with the I will send the money I am not able but easy inside and the rest of my own personal information about the following document Microsoft Go well

  •  Erasseclasp

    Erasseclasp Really fantastic. I loved playing it. I had one suggestion that if u could introduce daily rewards. I really enjoy playing stic man games. Do download it other users. Thanks to J-park for making such a game. Just add daily rewards. Thanks☺ Works great

  •  syscomtech

    syscomtech Good game but... I was hoping u guys can put ammo in the level becz there is some tough ones and u need ur weapons so plz put ammo in the level Worth a go!

  •  limtaxi7

    limtaxi7 Best game ever!!!!! J-park i dont Know what u did to make the game.I recommend it 2 my 2 cousins and they loved it. Plz make stick anger 6 ;););):):):) Not bad

  •  FoodFacts

    FoodFacts hard to get money i like the game but one thing not much cash, it gets harder each round but adds little more money! the bullets cost so much and it keeps me from getting stick people . so can you fix it up. Brilliant

  •  bkstyle

    bkstyle Will you make anger of stick 6 I would play it like heck I would rate it 5 stars and if you do put more carters Recommend

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