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Formation detreza de mémoire pour les garçons et les filles

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این اپ بازی کلاسیکی برای کودکان است که به بهبود مهارت های حافظه کودکان کمک می نماید .قواعد بازی بسیارساده است. .این بازی ویژه تمام گروه های سنی کودکان وبچه های پیش دبستانی است. این بازی برای پسرها ودخترها بسیارسرگرم کننده است . قابلیت های ویژه : سه سطح متفاوت پیشرفت مهارت های تشخیصی ،تمرکزی وحافظه گرافیک بسیارجذاب صداهای جذاب تصاویرزیبایی ازحیوانات ها طراحی شده برای پسرها ودخترها دستیابی اسان به شبکه های محلی Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Animals Memory Game

  •  ZemiHeaxiaDom

    ZemiHeaxiaDom Fun, fun, fun My little one just loves this app. It keeps him entertained for quite a while when we need him to sit still.

  •  appadalsE

    appadalsE Accept swiping My 1 year old tries to swipe open the cards to match the animation. The game should allow swiping as well as the usual touch. Brilliant

  •  Survivin

    Survivin Great game for preschoolers. Omg

  •  sneakershop04

    sneakershop04 Daughter loves it!! My daughter Is 2 1/2 & she loves it, wish could be more sound when selecting cards,but all together great game! :-) Muito bom!

  •  WheelhouseBrokerage

    WheelhouseBrokerage Good app Does what it says on the tin. Good variety of images. Bought ad free version happy to pay for well developed apps. Surprisingly

  •  squareoneinc

    squareoneinc Grandchildren love this App I have grandchildren 4-5 years old. They absolutely love this app. Great memory game! Great job

  •  joelturman

    joelturman Kids Memory Game My Granddaughter loves this game. She has just turned 3 yrs old. I enjoy watching her play. Perfect!

  •  zacotis

    zacotis Kids memory game My four year old just started pre k and i thought i would be a good idea to started learning and motor skill games at home. She loves this game. It doesn't freeze up and she plays for hours. Flawless

  •  VLifeSciences

    VLifeSciences Plan to buy it, but first... How many levels does it have and does it go back and start again once they're all done?? Brilliant

  •  Sls21883

    Sls21883 Cute, good for pre-k thru early elementary.! My 3yo and 5yo both enjoy this as it has various levels of difficulty. Can also occupy mom while she's stuck in the waiting room somewhere. ;). Recommend to get Kids memory game: animals APK.

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