Puzzle pour enfants – animaux for Android

Jeu gratuit permet de développer correspondance, tactile et la motricité fine
  • tijutopare

    tijutopare My 2 year old master this app within hours, just showed her once how to fix them back up and she knows exactly where what to goes Muito bom!

  • jengkol1b

    jengkol1b My twins, age 3, love this game (app). This sparkles are a great way to let children know they have connected a piece, but they must connect it fully or it bounces back. So, it is excellent for both cognition and motor skills. Superb!

  • almofalge

    almofalge Niece loved it! Fantastic. Spent the arvo watching my 3yr old Niece improving game to game. Awesome stuff. Must have

  • carpinteyrougs

    carpinteyrougs My little ones really loves this game but we keep having glitch issues.. puzzle pieces colored completely solid colors.. missing pieces.. would be great if it weren't for that Enjoy it!

  • cnbovlvmctcy

    cnbovlvmctcy Brought this app to the hairstylist for my almost 3 year old and couldn't thank it enough! :) What a blessing! My son sat almost completely still through the whole cut! Perfect!

  • zjvfrfcdh

    zjvfrfcdh I hope my cousin likes this game because we are going to see Disney on ice it is going to be a long ride but i hope he does not like it too much because I would like to see my phone too Just wow

  • yoga004

    yoga004 Great game, some frustrating aspects My two year old loves this game, it's been great to see her improve with it over time. However, the sensitivity level is a bit high. I would suggest offering a more forgiving level for kids younger than two. Also there are two ways to access ads in game. One through a click bar at the top of the screen, and a few that take up pages where options for the puzzles usually are. This is frustrating to say the least, but what's new with free to play baby games? Surprisingly

  • drcorey

    drcorey Excellent source of learning for toddlers My 3 year old is the only child at home and I absolutely find this app useful. It's time consuming and fun. He's addicted to it already. Works great

  • jsmiller

    jsmiller My 2 year old love's it She is getting smart and now's how to put puzzle pieces together better than she used to. Recommend

  • aeh7jc4g

    aeh7jc4g Educational My daughter is excelling at motor skills. She understands to steadily place the puzzle piece in its place. Once the puzzle is complete, the animal name is mentioned out loud and in whichever of over 20 languages to chose from. I'd like an ad-free version. There have been a few interruptions when the ad on top of the screen was touched. Muito bom!

  • meshmee

    meshmee Great free app This app has many puzzles that are actually free without needing to purchase anything to unlock additional levels.

  • asliceofhope

    asliceofhope Babies\toddlers!!!! Educational, a toddler plays this,they love this game,you can change the language.

  • singhalrakesh

    singhalrakesh Very good for little one Using with kid who hates puzzles. After seeing how it works and popping bubbles at the end of a round, he kept going and did 8 more independently :)

  • jarmaciareks

    jarmaciareks Good idea but too sensitive Like the idea, but you have to put the piece in the EXACT spot. If you're a millimeter off, it won't work. Very frustrating for my 2 year old who is just learning to use touch screen. I'd love to see a more forgiving easy level.

  • prerarrotly

    prerarrotly Such a great Ap! One of the best -if not The best free kids ap I've ever downloaded. My kids are 2 and get to play with my phone about once a week for 10 mins or so next to me in bed while I have a lie in. This is really educational and keeps them occupied for ages. Love how my son says "bwoken orsey" then puts it all back together. Also loves popping the balloons at the end. Also for free there are so so many puzzles. Normally with the free ones you'd only get a couple. This gets 5 out of 5 from me, hubby and my twins :-)

  • Biomoles

    Biomoles Wonderful This app is awesome. They can't pull the prices off the screen 'my son loves the balloon popping after he finishes his puzzle ' I love how it tells him the name of the animal. Such A great app for a toddler who loves puzzles. Just wow

  • flieptclief

    flieptclief Wonderful This app is awesome. They can't pull the prices off the screen 'my son loves the balloon popping after he finishes his puzzle ' I love how it tells him the name of the animal. Such A great app for a toddler who loves puzzles.

  • proserveuk

    proserveuk Animals puzzles for kids My sister love it so much she keep asking for my phone so she can play it she is two years old

  • jaypeeheightsnoida

    jaypeeheightsnoida Animal puzzle for kids A fun and easy game of match.my 3 year old gran loves it.so easy for her to catch on and enjoy by herself.we love it.

  • spavyappers

    spavyappers Not too bad Has too many buttons on main screen that a toddler shouldn't access. After completing each puzzle, it returns to this main screen, leaving my two year old clicking the More Apps or Language buttons and going places she shouldn't be.