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Il s'agit d'un arc et jeu flèche.
Le jeu consiste à tirer sur une carte cible avec un arc et des flèches et de faire un très bon score élevé.
Vous pouvez également soumettre score et rivaliser avec le monde avec la fonction Scoreloop meilleur score.
L'animation physique utilisé dans ce jeu est très détaillée et précise.
Télécharger et jouer à ce jeu, vous l'apprécierez beaucoup.

Il est Kiip activée, Obtenez des récompenses réelles pour faire des meilleurs scores.

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Commentaires à propos de tir à l'arc

  •  babylissflatiron

    babylissflatiron Its ok It was really OK game because the archery was too long from the arrow .so my high score is 990 Not bad

  •  muhammadjawad

    muhammadjawad For left handed only I wish there was an option to flip horizontally the bow and the target, so that it is easier to play with the right hand. Fantastic

  •  obsefsownenly

    obsefsownenly Would have been better if you deleted the last option in the options menu but it 8s a great game Omg

  •  Fbnolorfgd

    Fbnolorfgd I liked it, but it's slow to restart. When I try to play another round the game keeps trying to balk. A message tells me Archery is not responding and asked if I want to wait, close or report. Choosing wait paid off and I got to play but then there was a controversy about where my score would be stored. The game simply said that it would be stored locally and that I should check it. I have installed "Flip Archery" (Innovative Games) to replace this game. It's a bit nicer and uses Google Play Games for a leaderboard. Amazing!

  •  agiephqzjf

    agiephqzjf Unique game, the score board doesn't seems to work. Though being left handed isn't a necessity, it definitely will help; as is being ambidextrous. Especially if you're good with your left thumb. Great!

  •  lbwvmm

    lbwvmm Cool and Fun Loved the app.So cool,but can't download other app and ZION, if you're out there I apologize for slapping you in class Wednesday hope you forgive me. Perfect!

  •  jgznvkvs

    jgznvkvs This is a fun, simple game with no flaws, as far as I can see. Some reviewers have complained that you have to be left-handed, which is silly and untrue. You fire by swiping with your left thumb. If you can't handle that, how do you type? :) Go well

  •  shrikantkoli

    shrikantkoli At last a game that can be played by left handed people for a change and its fun to play as well Not bad

  •  hufidn

    hufidn I did not find the position of the bow inconvenient, probably because I'm ambidextrous. For some reason, I can't submit my score and, the advertisements show up in between the game. Recommend

  •  goelge

    goelge Liked it. I would give it 4.4 or something like that but here, I just can't score in fraction! Great job

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