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Survivre au danger dans un renouveau du genre de plates-formes

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Badland es un juego de plataformas en dos dimensiones en el que nuestro objetivo será llevar a un pequeño personaje hasta el final de cada nivel, esquivando las decenas de peligros que nos acecharán a cada instante.

El juego cuenta con un modo campaña con más de ochenta niveles distintos, en los que podremos recorrer diferentes tipos de escenarios y ambientaciones. Y lo que es mejor, podremos hacerlo con un sistema de control intuitivo y perfectamente adaptado a terminales táctiles, que nos permitirá controlarlo todo con un sólo gesto sobre la pantalla.

Badland además dispone de un modo multijugador en el que podremos jugar con tres amigos más directamente desde el mismo dispositivo. En esta modalidad de juego tendremos que ir cooperando o compitiendo contra nuestros amigos, de manera que podamos llegar sanos y salvo al final de la fase.

Badland es un juego de plataformas divertido y original, que además cuenta con un apartado visual espectacular.
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Commentaires à propos de Badland

  •  rcm2000

    rcm2000 A great side scrolling game. I tried this game a long time ago on pc (maybe it was on a phone sim program) glad to see it's on mobile devices now it's a great game even with adds but "premium" is not expensive so it's worth it. Cool

  •  fernandacs

    fernandacs Beautiful Sidesroller with beautiful artwork and "more than it looks" gameplay. The game got prizes and a lot of praise - and that was for a reason. I upgraded to "no ads" instantly- that was a fair prize for what I got, far better then the lot of freemium crap out there! Must have

  •  sunbow

    sunbow When I initially began playing this game, I found it to be simplistic and mediocre. However, after completeting a few levels, I realized that my initial notion was completely wrong. This game has a great mix of both a puzzle game and a platformer. This game is a must for anyone who enjoys an innovative gameplay that throws you curve balls you want to hit over and over again. Flawless

  •  rainyer

    rainyer Great game but...... WAY TO MANY ADS....and right after I die 1 time it says do i want but the new bad land and I say no IT POPS UP WITH AN AD ALSO PLAYS THE SAME ADS OVER AND OVER AGAIN I do not mean to put my words in caps but that is really weird ive never seen that many ads before on a game. please fix. Perfect!

  •  redrebel

    redrebel Ads are annoying... ...And I paid for the game. 5 stars if you make them go away. Great game, but I was expecting the ads to dissappear after I paid for the game,. They pop up everywhere now. Frustrating. 5 star

  •  jhnnglover

    jhnnglover Great game but... It's a great game but only giving u 4 stars because the dumb ads I know you guys can fix that if you fix it I'll give you all five and maybe everyone else Worth a go!

  •  lifed1

    lifed1 Way to many ads Can't even die once without 20 second add pop up but the graphics are great and it's a good game to play if your OK with the ads Fantastic

  •  taxsolutionsinc

    taxsolutionsinc GAME AND MY ISSUE GAME: Great game no doubt and the premium price (full game with no adds) is fair.. You will enjoy this game very much MY ISSUE : I downloaded the game and played it for a few days NOW when I open it, it starts downloading again.. I want to play again but I don't want to download it again.. Cool

  •  Musiq411

    Musiq411 Amazing game Game is fantastic! And these maker are too. They listened to my request and reduced their ads a lot. I barely ever see them Highly Recommend.

  •  paulmidena

    paulmidena Difficult, yet rewarding. This game was definitely enjoyable, with amazing visuals and smooth controls, but sometimes I felt like the developers made the game overly difficult in an attempt to make it seem longer than it actually is. Not bad

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