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Court, saute, nage, vole, avec de la banane kong

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Banana Kong es un juego de plataformas en el que los jugadores tendrán que correr sin parar controlando a un simpático gorila, que para llegar lo más lejos posible en cada nivel, tendrá que correr, saltar, planear e incluso bucear.

El juego sigue la misma mecánica de los 'endless runner' tradicionales: tendremos que correr sin parar intentando esquivar todos los obstáculos que encontremos en nuestro camino, con el inminente peligro de una enorme montaña de plátanos que se nos echará encima si no corremos lo suficientemente rápido.

En Banana Kong, además de correr, los jugadores podrán ir volando o buceando en algunas secciones del juego. En ocasiones, nuestro protagonista podrá agarrarse a un tucán para ir volando durante algunas partes del juego, teniendo que esquivar unos obstáculos diferentes. De la misma manera, podremos ir bajo el agua, siendo los cocodrilos y pirañas el principal peligro.

Banana Kong es un juego de plataformas muy divertido con un apartado visual espectacular. Todos los escenarios y personajes parecen dibujados a mano, y la sensación general es casi la de estar viendo unos dibujos animados.
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Commentaires à propos de Banana Kong

  •  cwbutler

    cwbutler A clash version of donkey Kong and mario.... classic's plus its got a temple run like effect its fun and challenging definitely worth playing Flawless

  •  thecrazyguru7711

    thecrazyguru7711 It's a great game...BUT This one's for the free bananas. Nevertheless the only disappointing thing is my scores vanish when I restart the game.. Arrgh Works perfectly

  •  Seertioft

    Seertioft Nice game I don't understand how can i reach at tree top... there is no tutorial for reaching in cave, under water and on tree top.. otherwise its good... Amazing!

  •  Erika_gymn

    Erika_gymn Very fun game! There's no official DK/Donkey Kong game for Android or ios, but this game will do just fine! Thanks so much for making this game. And keeping it updated, on an average basis. Gotta give it a 5 star and Surprisingly

  •  anlnhwio

    anlnhwio Good How much I can get it to everyone else has a lot more fun to watch the Olympics are you going out with the first tie in a few hours and no one is the duck you have to go out e mail and I don't wanna be a new one on one side and no Worth a go!

  •  kerrif

    kerrif Would love to see more blood and gore! Would give 5 stars but can you give that stoopid gorilla and banana gun? That would be S W E E T ! (Also more blood, guts and gore please) Got this ape jumping through hoops and talking to Dennis Nedry about stock options.... YEAH BOOOOOY! wow lol

  •  psofalsai

    psofalsai Stupid monkey This game is wild and crazy and funny at the same time, I also like it because of power dash Muito bom!

  •  masterstrokes

    masterstrokes Banana Kong is dope! Banana Kong is got it on point. This game just keeps me entertained. I keep finding out all sorts of things can't wait to play more. #soaddictive Cool

  •  Alaltereord

    Alaltereord This app is Amazing! This app is amazing!! I'd rate it a 4.5 it does have some minor faculty but it gets the job done from keeping you bored so thumbs up for me!! Recommend

  •  burtonlittle615

    burtonlittle615 Very addictive! It's very addictive and it kills time! There are lots of days when I have to kill time! I love this game and I'm sure that others will too! Perfect

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