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Battre et de gagner dans le meilleur jeu de stratégie jamais. Il suffit de l'essayer!

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Versão: 1.0.175
Tamanho: 57M


« Battle of Zombies » est un mélange passionnant de stratégie et de combats dynamiques. Créez une armée de Lanceurs, de Bombardiers, Cyborgs et autres puissants combattants. Produisez de supers armes secrète. Attaquez les ennemis et privez les de trophées et de ressources. Défendez votre base avec douze types de structures défensives. Rejoignez un clan et élaborez des stratégies. Prenez part à la conquête du monde. Prouvez que vous êtes le meilleur.

● Gratuit
● Affrontez d'autres joueurs en ligne.
● 10 unités de combat uniques avec plusieurs niveaux d’évolution
● 12 types de structures défensives avec plusieurs niveaux d’évolution
● 9 types d'armes secrètes avec plusieurs niveaux d’évolution
● Développez votre base pour produire plus de ressources
● Rejoignez un clan pour combattre les clans ennemis
● Bonus pour les débutants
● Jeu multijoueur
● Quêtes intéressantes pour un développement rapide du joueur
● Des campagnes passionnantes
● Des personnages drôles et charismatiques ainsi que des graphismes époustouflants
● Tournois entre clans et divers concours Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Battle of Zombies

  •  jamiebell

    jamiebell BEST STRATEGY EVER ! JUST TRY IT!!!! This is the best game ever. My tablet cannot download clash of clans so i see this game and I tried it and i loved it. My tablet lags when I placed too many troops , Please fix that bug , I will rate this 5 stars if you fix it .Thanks!! Works perfectly

  •  jmzcvkqy

    jmzcvkqy It ok but better if It's ok but better if u can create an acct to log in n play on any device. N btw when I sync my acct to my Facebook acct, I had to start all over again. What a pain! I'll give 5 star when u can create an acct. Brilliant

  •  borisdillard25

    borisdillard25 Nice I like this game but its to slow and hang please fix some problem in next update thank you.. my phone lenovo a369i.. its a same to clash of clan I hope many people like it.. Well done!!

  •  Manas_practice

    Manas_practice Good game..nice graphic..! Why is everyone complaining comparing with coc. Ofcourse theyr'e very much same but that doesn't mean it was copied & there r also many2 other games like coc... If possible I would give 10** more stars. Marvelous

  •  Timberland_India

    Timberland_India Best strategy game Best game in the world it is more awesome than clash of clans and clash royal it is also very easy to collect gems and resources i request to ok apps to add a new update of friendly battle between clanmates please add.i request to company to add am update of connecting the game with Google play games please add:-D:-D:-D:-D Enjoy it!

  •  cvchander

    cvchander I enjoy this game... but the moment i am attacking the enemy i irretated when my phone hang up and you can't deploy your troops properly Enjoy it!

  •  devanathan207

    devanathan207 Pretty good I like clash of clans and coc is dead now so this is a good game to play it has a lot of opportunity but it lags a bit when starting up but this game could go a long way just keep updating it and listen to the players and it'll work out! Fabulous!

  •  bponmb

    bponmb Good bt... This Game is good bt its a lots of data balance are gone when we playing. Example, when i playin only 5mins data will be gone 20+ mb. I also played clash of clans bt not much data will be gone on this game. Example, when I playing this game 15min to 30mins data will be gone only 3/5mb. Plz solve this problem. Not bad

  •  oqendxaefp

    oqendxaefp Can't find my account. hey no reply? It is a good game but.... d moment i change my old phone to a new one i cant recover my account. But i used my same google account to new phone.. please teach me how because im having a problem with it. Superb!

  •  ijirrn

    ijirrn Nice but not very good First. It's a generic of clash of clans game. But it's still fun though. I gave it 3 stars because it's slow and not Excellent graphic. If these issues solved. I'll give 5 stars Fantastic

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