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Payer votre mauvaise journée avec un chef virtuel de grouch

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Le quatrième épisode de la série de jeu intéressant رئیست le personnel. Beaucoup d'entre vous pensent peut-être vous-même pour voir pourquoi tant de Joe (M. de la tête), sur les nerfs, Adam promenades dans. Quand il vous regarde comme si votre cœur veut donc بزنیدش que l'autre ne peut pas respirer! Eh bien, dans cet épisode de la série de jeu, رئیست autour de enfin à comprendre que l'atmosphère, les gens, où, et pourquoi devrait-il et amis نادانش pour vous. Caractéristiques: - 30 étapes dans 10 scènes différentes - La possibilité de personnaliser tout, des armes et des prises de monter les marches, et, M. le Président, la puissance entre vos mains! - A plus de 130 armes différentes et intéressantes pour tuer, M. le Président, qui peut prendre des mois pour se divertir. - A 180 de forme différente, et intéressant, M. le Président, que vous pouvez choisir et, M. le Président, dans cette forme, plus fun, fun, fun. - Possibilité d'effectuer le jeu pour le multijoueur, et, un peu, M. le Président, dans le même temps Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Boss 4

  •  luciya

    luciya The same old material all the time All I ever get from capsules are grain, glass, stones, wood, crystals and maps. I never get anything else unless I fight someone. I went from over 450 diamonds to only 7, just to try to get boss trophies, because I'm required to own weapons that need to be assembled. Is this a glitch? Well done!!

  •  ujtgcmt

    ujtgcmt I adored it while it lasted It was my favorite game until one day I tried to play it and it would keep crashing I would just see nothing but the boss face at the beginning then it would send me back to home screen. I really love this game I would literally pay for it if I had to. Please fix this bug. Surprisingly

  •  mouseTrer

    mouseTrer It's a good game but The boss in the background speaking gibberish is REALLY annoying, if there is a way to mute him without muting the whole game , I'll rate 5 stars wow lol


    EASEDOORATH Its a good game But sometimes when it clones it will clone 5 and my game will freeze and break and there is a glitch where when he dies the side of the screen gose black and then the game pans out very slowly and the map dissapers Well done!!

  •  Cat_Lippard

    Cat_Lippard MAJOR BUG The game is cool and all that stuff, very similar to all the others but this had an major bug: MY BOSS IS PINK, iv tryed to uninstal... , didn't work, thene i reboted my phone but still is not working so PLS fix this bug in the next update cuse the game is awsome but if i can't se the boss there is no meaning of calling it"beat the boss" so again pls fix this!!!!! Fantastic

  •  mellisa101

    mellisa101 ITS BUGGED Ok, its a great game and all! Like the other 3... but the only problem is now, the boss is a purple block. Is that a glitch or on purpose? Also it breaks into half with the sword and i cant tell where to hit. PLEASE FIX AND 5 STARS Superb!

  •  look4wholesaler1

    look4wholesaler1 One Bad Glitch The game is good, but sometimes when the screen shakes too much from hitting the boss with something like this tomahawk, the screen focuses off the screen, and you see void. Maybe remove the shaking altogether? Flawless

  •  SDShelters

    SDShelters Super fun But it has a bad bug about the King boss and the bird game that when I get a notification for beat the boss I usually get king boss is ready or the bird game is ready and I go to it and it says it's not till 3 to 4 hour's worth of wait other than that it is a very funny and my favorite is the Tommy gun Superb!

  •  braedenasia

    braedenasia Needs some work this game is great, just very buggy. Sometimes the screen freezes when the boss tries to make the shield/bubble thing, then it duplicates him, normal size or mini. Or the weapon scroll freezes and cannot be moved. Awesome

  •  ChoonaChubatt

    ChoonaChubatt Racist game First black boss gets beat down by 2 white officers. Second black boss is in a jail uniform. Third black boss is at the bottom of what appears to be the ocean!! I enjoyed it but this game is too inappropriate for me to continue! 5 star

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