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Bel ensemble de widgets, y compris avec horloge+météo, avec des milliers de thèmes

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Versão: 5.7.8


Beautiful Widgets est votre meilleur compagnon pour personnaliser votre écran d’accueil.
Soyez unique, exprimez-vous.

Grâce à ses nombreux widgets personnalisables et la base de thèmes la plus fournie du Play Store, customisez votre écran d’accueil selon vos humeurs et vos envies.

Beautiful Widgets a été la première application a atteindre le million de téléchargements payants. Elle a été sélectionnée en tant que “Google Editor’s choice” pendant plus d’un an, et est présente depuis plus de 4 ans dans le top #10 des applications payantes sur le Google Play Store.

Comme 4 millions d’utilisateurs, profitez aussi d’une information de météo complète et de vos widgets préférés en version HD pour les téléphones et tablettes compatibles.

Fonctionnalités principales :
- Des horloges complètes (Heure, date, alarme, etc)
- Tous les widgets (6x4, 6x1 et 6x2 seulement pour tablettes)
- Téléchargement de thèmes à volonté
- Les informations météo essentielles de votre position courante et toutes vos villes préférées
- Le météo partout avec les notifications, les animations de déverrouillage ou l'écran de veille interactif (DayDream)
- Un fond d'écran interactif météo

Vous souhaitez en savoir plus, visitez le site web : http://www.beautiful-widgets.com

Informations importantes :
- Cette application ne peut être déplacée sur la SD Card à cause des widgets.
- Nous ne garantissons pas le fonctionnement sur les Roms et Accueils alternatifs
- DayDream n’est disponible qu’à partir d’Android 4.2

*** Permissions ***
- Location : for geolocated forecast
- SDCard : to save the themes
- Wifi, Bluetooth, System tools : for toggle widgets
- Affects battery : for updates
- Alarm : to display the next alarm

*** Important ***
We allow more than 15 minutes for the refund policy because we think it is too short. You can contact us from Google Checkout within 24 hours with an explanation on why you are not interested in keeping it. Warning: this do not apply during sales and promotions!

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Commentaires à propos de Beautiful Widgets Pro

  •  DeepRaj

    DeepRaj Good app. This app has stood the test of time with me since I got my first Android phone. The weather refresh is freezing more than I'd like but I'm hoping that means an update is coming soon. Recommend

  •  vacanciesqatar

    vacanciesqatar Great App. I had thought that they had changed weather providers, was upset. Then I looked in the settings and you could choose from 2 weather providers. This made me happy as had thought at first that I now had to use this app with in-accuweather and I have used their weather app in the past and found them to be very slow (inaccurate) in updating their weather. (it took them 2 hours to update that it was raining here. I am so glad I looked into this further as L really do like this app very much. Well done!!

  •  phuongle

    phuongle Great, but... I wish there were more customization options like choose font, size, color, background, etc Works great

  •  realsense

    realsense Long time user I've been using this app to check the local weather for years now and it works marvelously I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an accurate weather application. Flawless

  •  mgocorp

    mgocorp Simple to use Does what it says it does. Been using it for years, figures it was time to give it its deserved 5 stars. Highly Recommend.

  •  Tammara4768

    Tammara4768 Almost there! After the update, I'm getting the letter H instead of the actual hour for the sunrise and sunset on the weather forecast display. Recommend

  •  lhbvnzjvtk

    lhbvnzjvtk Phone Is Not The Same Without It I have been using this app for years and no matter how many attempts that I have made to switch things up, BW always makes it back to my home page. Recommend

  •  ogelvkedupr

    ogelvkedupr Alright Works as intended. No adverts. I really like the hour-to-hour weather forecast the most! Wish there were widgets for large phone and tablets, as many themes/icons are low resolution and the widget doesn't spread across the screen well. Using LG G3 and Nexus 7. Good

  •  ivanwhite1229

    ivanwhite1229 Works Well. ★★★★☆ I didn't try the open app widgets Does it's job well, it's just not what I want. Daydream works well and I LOVE the windscreen wiper & blowing clouds animations for transitions. The constrained versions of widgets is disappointing, I wish there were layout + button changes to download - not just backgrounds and fonts. ★★★★☆ Thank you for showing me WeatherUnderground - public weather stations are <\i><\b\>great. Highly Recommend.

  •  zlndkt

    zlndkt One for the all time list! This was one of my first apps I used on my OD (original droid)! And have been using it ever since! Now mind you that there are other weather apps, that do the weather but not the way this one does! This is often duplicated but could never be replaced! Flawless

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