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Big Hunter est un jeu d'arcade en deux dimensions dans lequel les joueurs contrôlent un chasseur d'une tribu primitive qui tente de chasser les mammouths. Étant un chasseur primitif, leur seul moyen de la chasse va être une poignée de javelots. Et les mammouths ne sont pas exactement des petits.

Le système de contrôle dans les Grandes Hunter est simple et intuitive. Appuyez sur l'écran permettra de faire de petits pas en arrière, nécessaire si nous ne voulons pas que le mammouth de nous écraser. Reviens nous pouvons lancer les javelots. Quel est le problème? Les mammouths ont d'énormes cornes de protéger toute sa zone avant, de sorte que nous devons essayer de tracer les paraboles avec les javelots.

Grand Chasseur les niveaux sont divisés en jours. Chaque jour, nous allons faire face à un nouveau défi, qui consistent généralement en des mammouths avec plus de points de vie, l'offre de javelots, limitée, ou de points faibles que l'on va avoir de l'impact. Une centaine de niveaux différents au total.

Grand Chasseur est assez amusant d'arcade, qui attire sans aucun doute grâce à son beau graphique. En outre, le jeu dispose d'un système de jeu parfait pour le jeu court et divertissant.
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Commentaires à propos de Big Hunter

  •  qwepncknr

    qwepncknr Time killer game Love the concept but its a lil brutal actually. But anyway, you need to make the users more interested of the game. Why not add another challenge like 2 or more mammoths or another set of spear that you can upgrade for more damage, etc. Want something more. I feel like its lacking so many things. Awesome

  •  psp is good
    psp is good

    psp is good Fun (for about 10 minutes) In terms of music, graphics and controls, the game is on point. The reason I can't give it a full score is because it gives the player no incentive to keep going at it--No upgrades, few changes in gameplay and no variety of obstacles as one advances through the levels. If the dev comes up with something of the kind in a future update, I'll up my rating. Good work! Awesome

  •  beectannavy

    beectannavy Great, except for the controls Really, really awesome, dynamic, and rich animation. And the physics also feels great. I have issues with the control though: 1. I think it would be better if the throwing is done by the right hand, since most people are right handed. Or maybe simply give the option to flip the game's layout. 2. Touching on the left side can also be registered as walking. It might be better to split the controls to each side instead. 5 star

  •  MactDaydayDof

    MactDaydayDof An mind..blowing , game... This game is very easy , simple and sometimes difficult also and a best time trimming..... Game...I was very bored in my summer Flawless

  •  Heacyclepex

    Heacyclepex Pretty good, I guess. It's a fairly fun time waster, but it easily get repetative. It needs abit more diversoty in what there is to actually do. And even with the minimalist graphics style, throwing spears into waht look like fuzzy elephants (I know they are Mamoths) is abit depressing. Maybe not have the spears wobble around after you inpale them into the mamoth? Perfect!

  •  adotec

    adotec LOVE IT SO MUCH!! But... Can you add some options like shop or something? Like you can get new weapons and stuff. It would be more fun if you can add more animals to hunt such as leopard, sabertooth tiger, falcon, bears and much more! Pretty good

  •  madhufabs

    madhufabs You have to get lucky All the movements are random based, all wins are mostly luck. Please add patterns instead of us randomly chucking spears hoping the mammoth doesn't flick it away out of nowhere. Brilliant

  •  PumpkinFestival

    PumpkinFestival Nice Game! Absolutely Fantastic! Loved it! Great job developers on making a fantastic addictive game! Would me nice if there was customization, like changing the appearance of your little tribeguy or the mammoth. Will there be a chance to add new creatures too? And also, please lessen the A.I of the mammoth because he has no chill hehe. He keeps on blocking my spears with his annoyinh tusks. This is a great timekiller when you're bored! Have fun making a future update :)!!! Go well

  •  vskdwvznlrri

    vskdwvznlrri Most addictive game I've played Something about taking down a beast and watching the damage multiply I think. I saw this game first on one of PhoneArena's videos. The game also has a clean art style and UI. As an animal lover, it was a little uncomfortable killing an extinct animal though... Superb!

  •  candlelighthomes

    candlelighthomes Pretty fun I like the art style of the game and its fluid animations. My only complailnt is that is gets pretty stale after day 20. A bit too reprieve for my tastes. If there were different animals and different teqniques to dispatch them it would be slot more appealing. Superb!

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