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Puzzles hex de donner un bol d'air frais pour vos moments de loisirs

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Versão: 1.4.7
Tamanho: 21.15MB


یک بازی فکری و چالش‌برانگیز! قطعات موجود در پایین صفحه را طوری درون خانه‌های شش ضلعی قرار دهید تا به طور کامل آن‌ها را پر کنند. برای انجام بازی کافی است با حرکت انگشت روی صفحه قطعات را در جای دلخواه قرار دهید، خانه‌ها را پر کرده و مراحل را با موفقیت پشت سر بگذارید. ویژگی‌ها: - بیش از 300 مرحه چالش‌برانگیز - بازی آسان و جذاب - بدون محدودیت زمانی - گرافیک جذاب - پشتیبانی از گوشی و تبلت Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Block! Hexa

  •  pensacolaaquasystems

    pensacolaaquasystems Nice little game Fun and addictive. Ads are a tiny bit intrusive, but the game is so polite that it actually thanks you for watching and gives you some in-game hints as a tradeoff! Nicely done..... I wish more games would follow this model. Awesome

  •  scottishthing10

    scottishthing10 Really nice game It's a good time killer and the achievements are really well made, they push you into playing until the end. Also, you're rarely blocked in the game since you can earn and use solutions, it avoids to get bored on a level! The ads are not so invasive. Superb!

  •  vusolutions

    vusolutions Addicttive Absolutely love this game. Great way to challenge the mind. Kept me going the first time to level 60. As far as the ads. I know this is how the lights stay on. Maybe people can pay the ad block & stop bitching and just enjoy the game for what it is offered to be FREE... LOVE the game guys keep up the great work. Just wow

  •  seepressurb

    seepressurb This game is the "BOMB"my Co workers keep taking my phone cause they wanna know what has me so quiet. Only thing is the ads they r annoying Surprisingly

  •  tbutlerprime

    tbutlerprime So addicted This is so much fun I can't do anything right but this.....this is something that I can do. I would rate 100 stars if I could. Creator of this game keep it up.:) :0 :) Great!

  •  axialand

    axialand Addictive Good game to play to pass the time. Or if your bored. I love it I play it all the time. Would have given five stars but the adds are just to much. But other then that its great. Works perfectly

  •  Foulsestoonee

    Foulsestoonee Block Hexa...Puzzle This game is great stress reliever. Quickly takes my mind off the stresses of the day & helps me unwind & calm down so I'm able to sleep ..Sometimes after I get into bed I'll play this for a few minutes & it makes for a perfect end to the day. 5 star

  •  dougcrystal4568

    dougcrystal4568 Super Addictive This game is super addictive, its so simple, easy, and fun. So far I haven't been able to put it down and stop playing. Also it challenges your brain and how you think. Perfect

  •  RussW1965

    RussW1965 Pretty fun Pretty fun I couldn't really say anything bad about it 4 stars because it's not as good as I would like it to be but I get that I won't get that its just a want but good app Well done!!

  •  Danialpay

    Danialpay Blocks he's is fun. But I hate the adds. Then why do it stall. It wouldn't let me go on to 80. It started me over. So I don't know if I what to do this all over again PLEASE fix this problem Fabulous!

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