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Le meilleur jeu Bomberman avec le multijoueur en ligne! Défiez vos amis maintenant!

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Bomber Friends es una revisión del clásico 'Bomberman' orientada exclusivamente al multijugador, que nos permitirá jugar tanto contra desconocidos de forma aleatoria por Internet, como contra nuestros amigos utilizando Google Play.

La mecánica de Bomber Friends es muy simple: los jugadores podrán moverse a través de un laberinto lleno de bloques que podrán destruir utilizando bombas, siendo el objetivo acabar con el resto de jugadores. Al colocar una bomba tendremos que tener dos cosas importantes en cuenta: que no podremos atravesarla (por lo que podemos quedar atrapados) y que su onda expansiva afectará en línea recta.

A medida que vayamos jugando y ganando partidas, podremos ir personalizando a nuestros personajes con sombreros o provocaciones. Con estos elementos podremos hacer realmente único a nuestro personaje, y distinguirlo de los del resto de jugadores.

Bomber Friends es un juego muy divertido, que no sólo gustará a los aficionados del 'Bomberman', sino también a los que nunca llegaron a jugar y ahora tienen una oportunidad de oro para hacerlo.
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Commentaires à propos de Bomber Friends

  •  embersage

    embersage What is wrong with your game? Awesome

  •  couponcodes009

    couponcodes009 What the hell is wrong with your game Must have

  •  prbiztech

    prbiztech Great game! Hey hyperkani um I'm having trouble with level 25 because it's too hard. Can you make level 25 a little easier. Can you make that guy that just hits the bomb and explode can you make that guy possibly die because I'm having trouble. If you do this that would be much appreciated!!Take care! Recommend

  •  Diamond7

    Diamond7 Glitches First after playing for hours it's movement controller joysitck gets glitched n go oposite direction instead of the one where pressed to go and 290 level has way enemies then it should have respawning special bots ok but too quick that's messed up plus so many grey stun n red mine bot makes hard to move quickly or bomb cos either you are stunned or gets stucked by red bomb either by its gas bomb or its death bomb and if u r lucky enough to get away from them then there is this big guy who can't be killed! Brilliant

  •  Lokesh420

    Lokesh420 Last rank glitched So it seems that other players cant see your divine bomber rank please fix this as soon as possible Brilliant

  •  citrustech

    citrustech It's good It's only 4 stars because I got 200 coins but they did not give it to me plz fix it all that 5 stars plus a character the grim reaper with his like clothe or thing and his hoody make him free what I mean is not a pack all that and 5 stars Surprisingly

  •  secret

    secret New Update Must Be ? I would love that we could sell our stuff again that we buy like i dont use the golden bomb anymore.i would love to sell it and get my coins back. It would be fun. Can u guys see if u can do thos update please it would be nice of u guys. Please Hyperkani Works great

  •  Assessetriels

    Assessetriels Só tem um problema Há um problema que impede que o jogo se conecte com o Google Play Games, o que não me deixa jogar online. Fantastic

  •  Bander11

    Bander11 It's veru addictive but Can you pls add smashing mode or you had a hammer to destroy walls and more power ups very very pls add smashing mode play bomb it on pc and pls do the smashing mode and remove real money packs because its unfair for me and more cloths or any Worth it!

  •  preattima

    preattima I lu v it It's awesome! It will sometimes break my 3D capture thing so it breaks sometimes other then that keep up the good work! Surprisingly

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