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Eric Froemling

Un jeu de fou à 8 joueurs!

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Un jeu de fou à 8 joueurs!
Explose tes amis (ou l'ordinateur) dans un tournoi de mini-jeux explosifs comme la capture du drapeau, le hockey à la bombe, et l'épique slow-motion match à mort! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de BombSquad

  •  baysid88

    baysid88 This game is fun with your friends You can't find any better game with proper graphics to play with Local LAN and online! Superb!

  •  peppypr

    peppypr Best android multiplayer game Hey there eric, this gaming has changed my experience of gaming on android platform and must say even after playing this game for 2 years already, i haven't got bored of it, the latest update which has provided internet free for all mode has really full filled my satisfaction, because i desperately wanted to play with people in my nation as well as overseas, i am expecting more characters, game modes, power ups, maps from your upcoming updates, i hope you guys are working on something surprising, good job Awesome

  •  MolecularComputer

    MolecularComputer One problem When i play with people it lags so bad and i cant control with my character fix this and i will rate ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ i promise Perfect!

  •  SoMoPay

    SoMoPay Bombs. Physics based blowing stuff up. Still wrapping my head around the controls. But it's good fun and loads of multiplayer options with controller support Awesome

  •  mortell

    mortell Good game if You love Bombs This game is where it at I like the only thing I don't like about the is the multiplayer I hate that you can't play with whoever you want I mean like a lobby with other players instead of just with friends but besides the game is worth playing if You love explosions!! Not bad

  •  bhandariseo

    bhandariseo Best game I ever played This game is the best game ever I love it because it's just like gang beasts however can you add things like hold on to something when you fall like the floor and other stuff Great job

  •  VictoriaConcierge

    VictoriaConcierge Best game EVAR This game is so much fun and adicting I'm not kidding srsly but in dose need a like custom match making thing we're there are crazy settings like one punch mode or rapid bombs or infinite boxing gloves settings with like a bunch of damage would be great and stuff like that Brilliant

  •  G0ldenRealtyNC

    G0ldenRealtyNC Bombsquad is awesome Hears a short list: ·You can blow stuff up · You can compete in tournaments · You can even get free tickets as a daily reward for playing Go well

  •  renardg

    renardg Good game, but has an issue Despite being a really good game, the game still has an issue; the multiplayer games are mostly laggy at one point, which alot of gamers hate. Thats all i have, VERY GOOD GAME d ° U ° Cool

  •  citigatenicole

    citigatenicole This is so much Awesome!, but.. Its still laggy, I Know you are doing your best but sad to say that the newest feature which is online playing is a bit lagging, maybe about 0.75 seconds, it would be great if you repair it Eric.. Thanks a lot for this game by the way... Must have

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