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Bienvenue dans Boom Beach : il vous faut un plan, ou la défaite vous attend !

Combattez l'infâme Garde noire en alliant force et réflexion dans ce jeu de stratégie et de combat épique. Attaquez les bases ennemies pour libérer les îles et leurs habitants réduits en esclavage, et pour découvrir les secrets de ce paradis tropical. Créez une force spéciale avec des joueurs du monde entier pour affronter ensemble l'ennemi. Explorez, planifiez et lancez l'assaut sur les plages !

REMARQUE IMPORTANTE : le téléchargement et l'installation de Boom Beach sont gratuits, mais certains objets du jeu peuvent également être achetés avec de l'argent réel. Si vous ne souhaitez pas utiliser cette fonctionnalité, veuillez établir une protection par mot de passe pour les achats dans les paramètres de votre application Google Play Store.

- Jouez avec des millions d'autres joueurs, pillez des centaines de bases ennemies.
- Battez-vous pour prendre le contrôle de précieuses ressources qui vous permettront de renforcer votre base contre les attaques ennemies.
- Explorez un immense archipel tropical et découvrez le pouvoir mystérieux des cristaux de vie.
- Affrontez les boss terrifiants de la Garde noire et déjouez leurs plans diaboliques.
- Formez une force spéciale redoutable avec d'autres joueurs pour remplir des missions coopératives.

Selon les termes de nos conditions d'utilisation et de notre politique de confidentialité, Boom Beach ne peut être téléchargé et utilisé sans autorisation parentale que par les personnes âgées de 13 ans ou plus.

Remarque : une connexion réseau est nécessaire pour jouer.

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Commentaires à propos de Boom Beach

  •  lancelsacvente

    lancelsacvente One thing Love the game, a lot of fun and more fast paced than clash of clans. Would it be possible to get a "collect all" button for all resources available? Would also be fun to be able to draw battle plans on the screen when planning an attack, would give phones with a stylus something new. Also since clash of clans has this same feature I'd like to be able to design a new base on a separate screen so I don't have to deal with moving the individual pieces from their current positions. Go well

  •  Mel973Gor

    Mel973Gor Been playing for 4 months and this game is still a blast. I'm now level 33 and I haven't spent a dime. Sure, you need to buy diamonds if you want to play for hours at a time, but as it is, you can play a good 10 - 20 minute session once every couple of hours without ever spending money. The strategy on offense and defense is fun and challenging, and if you run into an opponent you don't think you can defeat then you can just swap them out for a new one. This is probably the most fun I've had on the Andro Cool

  •  woodst1234

    woodst1234 Great This game is quite fun, I don't spend money on games so it does get slow (for me anyway). For me this is my second favorite game I have. The best is Clash of Clans or Clash royal. Which are also made by SUPERCELL. Definitely a game I would suggest for all ages. Though it's not as fast when you don't buy gems... I don't cause I think it a waste. Marvelous

  •  labrt5894

    labrt5894 Fun Enjoyable game but to improve, it would be better if when you attack a blackguard village, that you get to keep that village but instead about 2 hours later the game immediately takes back the village. Because it gets harder to take back and if it's a level 12 base, it shouldn't 2 level 8 machine guns and 2 level 4 cannons and 2 level 2 rocket launchers. Also it would be better if you could new troops for lower level bases because, sometimes the game is near impossible. Please fix This! Good

  •  jasonsj5

    jasonsj5 Fun stuff A great game, just a few things. There's a glitch where if you exit the game too soon after restocking troops, it will cancel the restock. Still present in August 2016. Also it would be nice to have more creative NPC bases (Dr T and gearheart), rather than just a random scattering of defenses. Good

  •  FreerieMuff

    FreerieMuff Would like sharing among team members Good game for a smart phone app. I would like to see sharing for team members. If higher ranking team members could share their resources with others (coin, wood, stone and iron), it would promote stronger task force teams. Moreover, many players would settle down and stay with teams longer. It would also be a great help if the game would not just continue a battle if a connection is lost or if a call comes during a battle. I know this would be difficult to implement for the task force operations. Good

  •  newlifesky

    newlifesky Awesome game!! But could be tweaked to be even better! After a year of playing, I now have an awesome base and troops. But here is where it could be improved. We should have a choice of race like in Starcraft. In place of races, it would be imaginary nations. This allows each nation to have unique troops and technology. Would make it very fun and more interesting. Allow players a chance to trade in everything to change a nation and instant upgrade to the level/units/buildings they had at the old race. We need air strikes, Para troopers, sub marines, spies/seals Good

  •  ixfibwokped

    ixfibwokped Great Game Simple and fun game. Many ways to play offense & defense. Only wish I could switch out blackguard bases like all the other bases (find new opponent). Most are levels higher than me and are too hard defeat. Otherwise highly recommended. Gax tab 3. Works perfectly

  •  BusinessCouncil

    BusinessCouncil Supercell...smh.. It's been progressively better than it was a year ago, even through the updates. Won't give 5 stars until it stays consistent for a while.. (6 months later) Consistency attained, this is my favorite android game by far! After a couple of the early updates I had my SERIOUS doubts... They made a huge effort to make the game more fair to the players who don't spend money. Build times and troop upgrades aren't bad, even at higher levels. Lower lvls get resrc reward statues! You'll BENEFIT MASSIVELY from Dr. T Worth it!

  •  moneymizzell

    moneymizzell Yep! Had to give it 5 stars cause its great. BUT, but..you have to have 1 of 2 things. Lots of time or lots of money. Of course these games are pay to win. If you don't want to be competitive than you can play once in awhile and be fine. If you want to compete than you better love it cause its going to cost you...a lot! Good luck have fun. Perfect

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