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Orbital Nine Games

Les énigmes de la physique où les placer et déplacer les boules et les plates-formes

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Commentaires à propos de Brain It On! - Physics Puzzles

  •  hazelcortright

    hazelcortright Love this game! Gets challenging in so many ways as you go through it, and really gets creative thought flowing. My husband and I are both addicted. Thank you so much for creating an intelligent and fun app to spend down time with! Worth a go!

  •  nikefreeshox

    nikefreeshox Top Notch Challenges Very well done! Takes thinking, but it's the relaxed, fun kind of brain flexing and the physics feedback gives great reward, even on failed attempts. Works great on Note 10.1 and Note 7. Enjoying this! Worth it!

  •  CouponsRiver

    CouponsRiver Its interesting Its really addicting, I could play it for hours. Sometimes the hints are a bit hard to get right, but thats the challenge, ya know? It keeps me playing so i can beat it and be proud of myself for once lmao Perfect!

  •  bahiasgroup

    bahiasgroup So easy to start yet can be tough to beat A very simple interface that seems to reflect actual physics, it is deceptively difficult to get 3 stars. I started by just being content with solving each task and now, going back to get the 3 star rating on each is totally absorbing. A superior game with ingenious puzzles. Thankyou! Works perfectly

  •  jacklienpreety

    jacklienpreety Fun and challenging Deceptively simple tasks but not as easy as it appears. Even when clues are given it is still tricky to get them precise enough to solve the puzzle. Great fun for those who are not easily frustrated. Not bad

  •  fhhlnd

    fhhlnd Challenging, as it should be I'm scratching my head over most of the levels when I first start them, and have to do some trial-and-error to get them just right. You definitely have to think, and it's impressive for such a simplistic design. Personally I'd say it's probably one of the best mind-puzzle-games I've played Works great

  •  sanmat

    sanmat Brilliant game!!!! No stupid money demands. At first I thought it was too simple and rough ... but keep playing and you will find a fiendishly addictive game. If I could give eight stars, I would. I look forward to seeing more from these fellows Pretty good

  •  kripal

    kripal Excellent and Addictive!!! This game has very simple but interesting gameplay. When uyou start to play It becomes vey addictive and hard to put down. Even while charging your phone!!. Will highly reccomend who wants to charge their early morning dozing brain Fantastic

  •  foryourlaw1

    foryourlaw1 Amazing If you like physics based puzzle games, this one is incredible. I've enjoyed it thoroughly so far. There is also a level editor so you can solve player created puzzles when you beat all the included levels. Someone mentioned there are too many ads; it's *one* between each level, and didn't interrupt gameplay at all. It takes less than a second to close it. The game is worth the minor inconvenience in my opinion. Highly Recommend.

  •  esvanvu

    esvanvu Wow I download and delete many many games a year, and I have played a wide range of them. Saying that I must tell you that this is the very first game I have EVER commented on. I have never been more pleased with a game. It not only a way to kill time anymore it's the kind of game I make time to play. Good job team. You guys have the right idea. Worth a go!

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