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L'aventure et le plaisir de Bruce Lee

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Bruce Lee: Enter The Game es un juego de acción en dos dimensiones en el que los jugadores controlarán al mítico maestro de artes marciales Bruce Lee. Como es de esperar, nuestro objetivo será combatir contra docenas de enemigos diferentes utilizando el arma más letal de todas: el cuerpo de Bruce Lee.

El sistema de control de Bruce Lee: Enter The Game ha sido perfectamente adaptado a terminales táctiles. Pulsando sobre la pantalla moveremos a nuestro protagonista, mientras que deslizando el dedo en una otra dirección haremos que ataque. Dependiendo del tipo de gesto que hagamos, y de si dejamos más o menos tiempo pulsado el dedo sobre la pantalla, el ataque será de una forma u otra.

En total en Bruce Lee: Enter The Game hay más de cuarenta niveles repletos de enemigos y algún que otro 'boss'. En algunos niveles, además de tener que acabar con todos los enemigos tendremos otros objetivos, como proteger al maestro de Bruce Lee.

Entre nivel y nivel, además, podremos mejorar los atributos de Bruce Lee e incluso comprar diferentes elementos. Los trajes, por ejemplo, nos permitirán gozar de diferentes habilidades especiales... y encontraremos unos cuantos.

Bruce Lee: Enter The Game es un juego de acción en dos dimensiones excelente, que tiene un apartado visual sobresaliente y tanto carisma como el propio Bruce Lee. Un título divertido y digno del nombre al que representa.
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Commentaires à propos de Bruce Lee: Enter The Game

  •  oeozhuaofk

    oeozhuaofk Challenging This game is sometimes hard and that's how I like my my games hard this is the best game I ever played Well done!!

  •  revolutioninfo767

    revolutioninfo767 I love this game I'm a Bruce Lee fan,so this is my favourite game,but can you please make it available for windows phone users as well? That would be awesome..! Recommend

  •  cobrandedprepaid

    cobrandedprepaid The best game This si best game i love it that was little bit insane ok, i love ok you guys can test it out that was perfect!

  •  louisab

    louisab Awesome Omg.This is awesome.the game has everything you thought it didnt.it got all the movies of bruce lee and mixed it together as a game,but the cost of it is really high.But still if youre wondering the game is free and really cool.All hail the karate master

  •  inciongxyc

    inciongxyc Need more fixing and equipment We need like a katana ,ninja suit,two sticks,spears,claws,axe and auras! Thanks. :-)

  •  chenna

    chenna Loved it bt it hangs a lot I love the game .. bt it hangs everytime .. m on just 12th level nd its still not working ... it is the 2nd time i wanna play the game nd nt its nt working .. m using asus zenfone nd before this i was using moto g 2nd generation ... Perfect

  •  kvqvmnqzqdg

    kvqvmnqzqdg BRUCE LEE IS THE MAN!!! I'm 53, and been a Fan of Bruce since The Green Hornet back in '66! This Game is a Great Dedication to him and his Family! "GUNG FU IS GUNG FU...IT'S NOT CHILD'S PLAY"!!! ;-) Superb!

  •  mathewmullen820

    mathewmullen820 It was awesome and amazing! It was great, the martial arts, a hero defeats, attack's and takes down bad guys and villains to protect he's master and he's village. It was awesome! The outfits,the weapons anything like that, and it was amazing! Perfect

  •  foysalremon

    foysalremon Smh I love dis game but on my samsung tab lite it wont work! Everytime I dwnld beatdwn buffet it nvr loads which sucks so much cuz I really like da game..plz fix so I can get back to into it.. o btw it seems to run slow as well so if u can do an udate to fix dat I wud appreciate it wow lol

  •  tramadolusa

    tramadolusa Awesome Best brusie lee game on the play store its good moves good graphics and just plain awesome Enjoy it!

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