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Versão: 2.8.5
Tamanho: 14.63MB


بانی ها هویج های با ارزش ما را دزدیده اند!!انها به خانه ما امده و گیاهانمان را خراب کرده اند...اکنون زمان انتقام است!!! باید با دقت انها را بزنید...اما باید از منطق و خلاقیت خود استفاده کنید تا در این مراحل حساس پیش بروید. ویژگی ها: پازل واقعی با فیزیک واقعی و بانی های صورتی گرافیک زیبا و جزئی تماشای رندوم حرکات بانی ها کنترل های ساده و دقیق چهار دنیای زیبا هرکدام با 60 مرحله جمع اوری ستاره ها هرچه زرنگ تر باشید ستاره بیشتری جمع خواهید نمود. صدای دوووم... مقابل بانی هایی که از انها بسیار تنفر دارید با این ضربه از شرشان خلاص شوید!! تیر های خود را بهبود بخشید.   Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Bunny Shooter Best Free Game

  •  dicsCricy

    dicsCricy You have to play this game it is so much fun and I thought I would not like this game when I got it I guess I was wrong. Well done!!

  •  sammytorres716

    sammytorres716 This is 1 way to keep you from being bored at anytime or place.But,"WATCH OUT " because it's "HIGHLY ADDICTIVE ". "EXTREMELY FUN & ENTERTAINING"! 1-PROBLEM THOUGH IS ONCE YOU START THEN YOU CAN'T STOP!" "BEWARE IT'S A LOT OF FUN "! The bunnies are so,very cute! But,yet they wanna make you kill them at the sametime!"IT'S MORE THAN A 5-STAR GAME AND IT SHOULD HAVE A 10-STAR RATING BECAUSE,THAT'S WHAT I'M RATING IT FOR MYSELF "!Please,keep the "FUN" coming!"PURE AWESOMENESS "! Marvelous

  •  ethenceAdetty

    ethenceAdetty Great game but... It is an addictive game but sometimes i try opening it and it takes me back to my home screen.Fix it? Not bad

  •  ShirelyRess

    ShirelyRess LOVE IT LOLZ It's so cool and the best part is everything works every bit....anyway install it you might LOVE the game Flawless

  •  anima_bhopal

    anima_bhopal Lots 'O Ram ...61mb ouch!!!! (At idle) That my cheap phone can't afford. ... for those complaining about ads, turn data off during game play.

  •  Taz2007

    Taz2007 Love it. Got tired of angry birds real quick, but can't get enough bunnies! Hurry up with another one. Best app yet.

  •  riffprarm

    riffprarm I...love..it This game is amazing but it is complicated at some point and the adds are too much and most of the time it says bunny shooter is not working at the moment and there should be part two would probably be funner Works perfectly

  •  hmaterial1

    hmaterial1 Hated It Horrible game....almost never loads,and is slow when it does , not worth wasting your time downloading

  •  Erika_mows

    Erika_mows Use it when flying. Always enjoy sitting in the seat putting the phone to airplane and Killin me some bunnies.

  •  mytravel004

    mytravel004 Love it but I really enjoy this game but I have had trouble opening it lately and for that reason I give it 3 stars instead of 5.

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