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Call of Duty: Heroes es un juego de estrategia en tiempo real en la línea de Clash of Clans, en el que tendremos que construir nuestra propia base militar y dirigir a algunos de los personajes más carismáticos de la franquicia Call of Duty.

La mecánica de juego de Call of Duty: Heroes es prácticamente idéntica a la del mencionado Clash of Clans. Es decir, los jugadores tendrán que gestionar una base de operaciones en la que podrán construir todo tipo de edificios, como depósitos de petróleo, almacenes de oro, nidos de ametralladoras, o cuarteles en los que reclutar soldados.

Desde nuestro cuartel podremos reclutar a montones de tropas diferentes, e incluso a algunos héroes como el Capitán Pierce, Soap o Ghost. Y también desde el cuartel tendremos que lanzarnos a las diferentes misiones que componen el modo historia de Call of Duty: Heroes.

En estas misiones tendremos que asaltar bases enemigas desplegando a nuestras tropas en puntos estratégicos del escenario. Además, podremos controlar directamente a nuestros héroes, e incluso ponernos desde una perspectiva en primera persona a disparar desde un helicóptero.

Call of Duty: Heroes es un buen juego de estrategia que, si bien no aporta nada nuevo dentro de un género muy saturado, sí que proporciona un pasatiempo divertido para los aficionados a la franquicia Call of Duty.
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  •  karsanjoy87

    karsanjoy87 Network errors I'm getting network errors for no reason it says session timed out. Please login and after that it restarts the game and the same message occurs after 10 seconds which means that I can't even play the game. Please fix this. Marvelous

  •  gcucqesis

    gcucqesis REALLY ADDICTIVE Just started playing lots of fun. Only problem is that people who are 35 or 40 levels higher than you constantly attack and take resources. Then the game asks you to buy more celerium to upgrade your base REALLY!!! Why not just balance the game???? Always being attacked with no chance of retaliation sucks. Good

  •  xksqaljj

    xksqaljj I ll rate t hame a 5star, but after the 2.7 update multiple crashes is happen n It happens during alliance war, pvp n challenge modes, pls do t needfull Not bad

  •  primaveraconsultants

    primaveraconsultants Great but needs work In the survival some of the enemy's are huge and I thought that the zombies would look like original zombies but they just look like crack heads withe green bubbles on their backs but other than that, its great Superb!

  •  knockoffonline

    knockoffonline Its okay Best... please make it more smooth for the overall animation... its like a little bit lagging... im using note 3 Great job

  •  irripsync

    irripsync Wrong account I just got the game and it logged me into a level 26 account also I never had the game before FIX THIS Worth a go!

  •  gtr100

    gtr100 After update, it crashes frequently and also can't play video clip in vault to get free celerium Fabulous!

  •  mvzpkwnhlw

    mvzpkwnhlw Exactly what I wanted. Let's program some autopilot so I can get something done in real life. Must have

  •  fjupperowa

    fjupperowa Heros should be awarded exp points when they use their skills. Rewards should be given to all players who attack during war regardless of results. Fantastic

  •  shanoonmoore

    shanoonmoore Really fun strategy based game. Managed to get my Base carried over to my new phone. Was worried I lost all my progress. Thank you for recovering my lost data. I stand by what I say, this game is fun and is good for killing time. With a few minor tweaks it can be even better. Say for instance something like resource trading between members of your alliance. Not bad

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