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Cars: Fast as Lightning es un juego de carreras ambientado en el universo de la película Cars, en el que los jugadores podrán correr con su propio vehículo contra los personajes de la película, incluyendo por supuesto al mismísimo Rayo McQueen.

El sistema de juego de Cars: Fast as Lightning es distinto al de la mayoría de juegos de carreras en tres dimensiones, ya que no tendremos que controlar la dirección, sino sólo la aceleración. De esta forma, será necesario apurar mucho las curvas, y hacer un gesto con el dedo cuando lleguemos a un salto o un evento especial, pero no tendremos que girar el volante en ningún momento.

Además de participar en carreras, que es lo más divertido de Cars: Fast as Lightning, los jugadores también podrán construir y personalizar su propio Radiador Springs. A su disposición tendrán montones de elementos diferentes que añadir al circuito para dejarlo completamente a su gusto.

Aunque comenzaremos la partida con un sólo coche, en Cars: Fast as Lightning podremos conducir hasta veinte vehículos diferentes inspirados en la película Cars. Por supuesto, primero tendremos que ganarlos.

Cars: Fast as Lightning es un juego de carreras sencillo pero muy divertido. Su excelente apartado gráfico, unido a su excelente uso de la licencia Cars, y otros detalles como la posibilidad de coleccionar 'stickers', lo hacen ideal tanto para niños como para mayores.
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Commentaires à propos de Cars: Fast as Lightning

  •  Mitsiming

    Mitsiming Kids game?? My 3year old love's this game, but why is it so difficult to buy things. My son's town is dinky cause you can't afford it. Hes had more fun on my games because he progresses quicker. I think you need to overlook how much things cost and be more realistic Fabulous!

  •  qsnxgnkukgn

    qsnxgnkukgn My son loves this game Only problem I'm having is that he some how put in another language and now I can't read anything that comes up has anyone had this problem please let me know because I've bought several lives and gems I don't want to reinstall it.. thanks other than that it's an awesome game! Very fun!! Brilliant

  •  Trina Purse
    Trina Purse

    Trina Purse Lost my game. 2 *. Love the game though I have almost completed game on my tablet, level 50, 5,ooo,ooo+ coins. Help me get my game back! Still waiting for a response from Gameloft, it is now 8/25/15...about 3 weeks. I can't believe it, I just got my game back on my tablet from this last upgrade, 12/4/15. I am in heaven again. Back to 5*'s. I had forgotten what this game looked like. Now the anticipation to see if the weekly event is up and running (maybe Gameloft stopped it). It hasn't work on my phone, Samsung also. Fantastic

  •  desiappan

    desiappan Fix swiping Love the game, fun and I don't need to annoy my friends to play. The only problem I have is i don't know how many gems or coins I lost do to automatic purchases while swiping. Just add a are you sure tab before purchase. Go well

  •  AngadThandi

    AngadThandi It's fast as lightning, and more expensive Gems are extremely expensive, or very slow to earn by playing. Everything you do has the option to spend real money, and only the basic track options are available for free. Worth a go!

  •  jackmtrainor

    jackmtrainor I loved it I really enjoyed this game but there is nothing else to do.. We need more houses, (one for every car) 1500 gems for a new car? My 5year is obsessed with this game but can't go past without gems.. After all it is just a kids game, make it easy.. Fantastic

  •  Majorca

    Majorca Great game Keeps my son and myself entertained quite well. He builds the town and I do the races. Simple gameplay so anyone really can play. Plus pretty blatant about difficulty levels. No guess work. Just wish it linked to FB for the friend request instead of having the friend ID. Amazing!

  •  imadiadafeMer

    imadiadafeMer Battery and system space hungry Lightning McQueen and Mater fans: get quotes from the beloved Cars characters by watching these little fellas wander around in a Radiator Springs DIY buildable replica, unlock, ladder up and race through different custom made tracks, send cars to visit different buildings and claim all sorts of prizes playing daily. Keep handy a stash of gems for discounted items and unleash your shopping spree. As per the game itself, it freezes frequently, tech support replies with canned answers. Still enjoyable, though. Brilliant

  •  darrelcks

    darrelcks Ok game, doesn't seem to be maintained. No more tournaments, and the achievements don't register since the change to the new Google play app. It's fun though, and I'm a big fan of cars. It'd be worth turning into an app to purchase instead of the gem based microsale model. Brilliant

  •  Tologeniero

    Tologeniero Great racing game! This is a awesome racing game.I fully recommend it a whole lot.It has great animations,excellent graphics and it is great for all ages especially for kids at age 4,5,6,7 and 8.Thank all of yaw for these awesome apps and I know yaw go through a bunch of trouble and I thank yaw for all the trouble yaw go through making these apps perfect.Once again thank yaw for all these wonderful apps yaw make.Thank yaw and good luck. Marvelous

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