Castle Clash: Rise of Beasts

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Crée l'armée définitive et attaquer l'ennemi villages

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Avec une stratégie rapide et combat passionnant, Castle Clash est un jeu de proportions épiques! Recrutez des légions de puissants héros pour diriger une armée de créatures mythiques. Lutte et piller votre chemin pour devenir le plus grand seigneur de guerre du monde. Avec plus de 100 millions de joueurs à travers le monde, il est toujours temps de se heurter!

Maintenant disponible en français, allemand, espagnol, italien, russe, japonais et coréen.

Caractéristiques du jeu:
* Construire et fortifier une forteresse impénétrable!
* Créer l'armée ultime d'une douzaine de soldats!
* Rassembler et faire évoluer des dizaines de puissants héros!
* Devenir meilleurs bourgeons avec toute une gamme d'adorables animaux de compagnie!
* Unite avec des amis et Clashers à travers le monde pour combattre les patrons puissants!
* Joignez-vous à la Guilde contre Guilde plaisir dans Feud Fortress!
* Plus excitant co-op et PvP modes que tout autre jeu de stratégie mobile!

Remarque: Ce jeu nécessite une connexion Internet.

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Commentaires à propos de Castle Clash: Rise of Beasts

  •  swi55tony

    swi55tony Kind of frustrating Igg you need to reduced the amount of donations because it takes about 10 raids for me to get 1 mil gold and you also need to add more hero slots because even an f2p player does not have enough hero slots to keep their new and extra heroes Great job

  •  MsBossMedia

    MsBossMedia Surprisingly fun and entertaining. Characters are unique and the game play is smooth and exciting. Surprisingly fun and entertaining. I installed and opened the gene and before I Kb a it I had be en playing f r almost an hour. I was pleasantly surprised when I looked at the clock and I had been playing the game for 45 minutes. I was so involved with building my defense and winning battles If you have never tried a role playing game or haven't enjoyed playing them in the past' try this one Brilliant

  •  agustinub

    agustinub How? I love the game, it's great! But why? nearly 10,000 gems, and i rolled 3 freaking shard heroes! What the hell?!?! How is anyone supposed to get a hero if there chances are further depleted by shard heroes during gem rolls? Had this not been the case, i would've had a ghoulem by now! So many gems lost in a few moments. Oh well. I gambled and lost it for a paladin, druid, amd ninja. What a joke gem rolling is 5 star

  •  she007juli

    she007juli Well.. I love the game, however their customer service is complete garbage. Its definitely a good free to play game but don't spend money and expect help with anything from their chat support. Literally the worst customer service possible. wow lol

  •  tourej

    tourej frustraiting i tried to make a name for myself but it was taken, not a problem, until i deleted the whole name, i made sure it was deleted, and then i made my new one. the problem with my new name is that now there is a letter in front of it from the old, not available name...i really would like to restart my game but i do not think that is possible, since it is linked with android. Marvelous

  •  urafiq

    urafiq Great game The is a very good game and easy to play and you don't have to spend money to get stronger. The only thing I would change would be so that you can attack specific people. Brilliant

  •  Instinct

    Instinct ADDICTING!!!! Best strategy game on the market! Multiple heros, all with unique skills, also gives u the ability to use interchangeable talents. Lots of ways to accumulate free gems. Ive been playing 4 a couple years now, n cant put the game down! Biggest downfall of game ATM is there isnt enough open slots for heros, cant expect P2P to buy anymore gems to roll 4 heros, if they dont have space to put them..... Fix this IGG, then u will get a 5 star from me! Enjoy it!

  •  Tucando

    Tucando Was fun Just want some good hero's. But you have to spend way to much money on the game just to get one decent hero. The gems are to expensive and not worth it. And it takes forever to level them up. Good

  •  Baybchiro

    Baybchiro Unfair playing field I've been playing and loved this game for a number of years. I have spent money, and I don't mind if I enjoy the game and it is a fair playing field. But the last several weeks, the playing field has become totally unfair. My rank is king, but I have no evolved heroes. All I am matched against anymore are evolved heroes. You can't tell me that everyone at my rank has evolved heroes. You have no chance against them. It's becoming more about a game that's all concerned about how much money they can make. I've Not bad

  •  GadaMevy

    GadaMevy Its ok if you spend real money. Its fun to play but if you dont pay real money for 1000s of gems or save all free gems for 6 months and hope the game gives you decent legendary heroes, then you have no hope of winning against other players once your higher in might. And support will just blame your device for any problems encountered, also now no resouces to raid, evo takes months, Only download if your a money spender. Highly Recommend.

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