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clan war est un point de repère, épique jeu de stratégie de guerre.

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Versão: 1.1.4
Tamanho: 26M


guerre de clan est un point de repère, jeu de stratégie épique de guerre. les joueurs doivent former leur propre armée, ont conduit la tribu à gagner! dans le pub, recruter cavalerie, infanterie, Mage, Archer et puissant dragon. dans la chambre arène et héros essais, l'armée ne peut acquérir de l'expérience et de l'argent. alliances avec d'autres joueurs, former une puissante tribu. battre tribu mondiale, a remporté leur tribu Saint Graal.

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Commentaires à propos de guerre des clans

  •  sonamika

    sonamika Amazing The company had made 2 games 1 of attack and 2 defense I will think he will make 3 by giving both games. But it is the best game I have ever seen. If u r seeing lots of advertising just off your mobile data or hotspot don't say that the game is worse.I m supporting this game. Just wow

  •  tinababy77

    tinababy77 Do not download. مهرهایی که امتیازش را دارم بمن نمیدهد.در ضمن خوب نت جواب نمیدهد. Fabulous!

  •  Libertycomms

    Libertycomms great thats a great game you know waht i watched alot of ad and i got 10000 coin and 1000 gyms you can get 1000 coin and 100 gyms per ad love it

  •  waqar0000

    waqar0000 Clan war The game is really cool but there's one thing I don't like it's that the game has lots of are so I gave a 4 star Perfect

  •  ocxbxx

    ocxbxx Fix it I want to spend money on this game but in app purchases don`t work. Whenever I go to buy something it makes me watch a video and speaking of videos yal need to dial it done on the amout of videos that come on. I can be in the middle of a game and then a stupid video just pops up. Fantastic

  •  CoteLLC

    CoteLLC A great game Clan war is a great game . It could use more monsters and when the ads come up that to watch the video for 50 gems . If you fix those things then ill rate it 5 stars . Thank you Great!

  •  katewebb

    katewebb .... خوبه الا بازی کردم لول پنج هستم. Worth a go!

  •  fonero

    fonero Greatest game It is a great game but what do I really need to do to get the free 100 gem and 1000 free coins because every time u click on it tell me to wait on internet response and try again and click ad can give 100 gem and 1000 coins and I did all of that but still get the same message Must have

  •  superpoints

    superpoints واقعا عالی بود حتما دانلود کنید wow lol

  •  mickypicky

    mickypicky Nice Game Best game with many transformation mods............ different type of players and so on..... Amazing Amazing!

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