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J'anime jeu de tir en 2D!

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  •  garycking

    garycking Good game, people stop complaining It's a good game, very close to a game on PC called mustache armys. Anyway the concept of the game is to use your clones to finish the level, yes you could try and solo it but your supposed to use your clones, that's the point of the game it's in the description for f#$ks sake. Not being able to shoot up or down is just a part of the game. I think of the game more puzzle than shooter and people rate the game because it's not what "they" want. Pretty good

  •  sudani50

    sudani50 Good game for free and I love it but can you make it so that you can aim up and down like the a enemy then that would be goood Perfect!

  •  jmitsuko

    jmitsuko Original in many aspects!! I remember a computer gane having to do with clones but was more of a puzzle game. I loved that and this as well! Some people shouldn't be capable of reviews... ridiculous requests. Keep it going devs!! Cool

  •  dcgold

    dcgold LOVED IT Can you make multiplayer as soon as posible. Also can you make sandbox a little bit different if possible. So thanks for the awesome game. :) Amazing!

  •  exoticindia

    exoticindia Well made but sandbox needs a bit more I love this game but sandbox should have it to where you can make your own scenario instead of mixxing up all the levels and putting it in a mode Fabulous!

  •  SeniorTravelGenie

    SeniorTravelGenie Not bad but could be alot better The game is fun, really fun, the visuals and controles are spot on, it's smooth gameplay and extreamly easy to pick up how to play it, However the game is unfair... first of all, the basic and most common enemy already has more range then you meaning you need to be well in range of them to even be able to start hitting them... which is my second point, the enemies track you and fire in your direction where you can only fire in a straight line, It's very unfair but a fun game for awhile. Just wow

  •  shoodaovawn

    shoodaovawn Alright I did a offer for 5012 coins and the words said to intall and play and I haven't got the coins. Also the AI is so hard. Try make a mode for east normal and hard and set it as a Champaign with a story like. Id be very intrested of you could do it Omg

  •  frankrmol1

    frankrmol1 Great! It's a fantastic idea for a game, fun to play, easy to learn. An original idea and you really have to think about what you are going to do with each clone. Blue coins earned us in perfect balance, and I just simply love this game! Great job! Not bad

  •  proscreens

    proscreens People don't understand. Dear game developers, I know why our characters can't shoot up and down, it's for balancing. If you could shoot up or down then the game would be too easy, they don't realize that your clones do more damage and shoots faster. If the enemy team can't shoot up or down then the jet pack and the helicopter would be over powered, I respect everything in this game. This really is the first of its kind. The art style is clean yet cartoonish. I love that you guys aren't as greedy as other games. You let the players have a choice weather they want ads or not. That is very smart of you guys! People who uses data can turn the ads off so they don't waste their data. I turn it on when I'm at home. I really want to see you guys develop more games like this. I hope you good luck. Just wow

  •  alextataurov

    alextataurov Fun Got to say prob one of the best besides a couple first person shooter on mobile but other then those few games this is fun very fun. Great job

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