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Un ninja de l'argent virtuel dans votre terminal Android

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Clumsy Ninja es una mascota virtual en la línea de Talking Tom Cat o su amigo Talking Ginger, que en lugar de permitirnos interaccionar con un gato en la pantalla de nuestro terminal Android, nos dará la posibilidad de jugar con un simpático ninja.

Nuestro enmascarado protagonista podrá llevar a cabo montones de acciones diferentes, desde entrenarse con diferentes artilugios, hasta jugar con algunos de sus amigos, pasando por saludar a los propios jugadores.

Aunque la mayoría de actividades que puede hacer el ninja son automáticas, los jugadores también podrán interaccionar con él. Podremos incluso jugar a la pelota con el ninja utilizando nuestros dedos para devolverle la pelota.

En Clumsy Ninja, además, no sólo podremos jugar. Los usuarios también podrán personalizar la apariencia del ninja poniéndole diferentes cinturones y capuchas, gracias a los que podremos ir desbloqueando objetos tales como sacos de boxeo o trampolines.

Clumsy Ninja es una mezcla entre videojuego y mascota virtual muy divertida, que tiene un apartado gráfico totalmente espectacular. El diseño del ninja, unido a sus animaciones, hacen que mirarlo sea una auténtica gozada.
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Commentaires à propos de Clumsy Ninja

  •  enettech1

    enettech1 Its a great game I like this game. The problem I'm having is that I can't change my outfits or ninjas. The options aren't even there. Flawless

  •  NancyC

    NancyC Amazing. Amazing game. A few complaints though... It crashes WAAAY too much. Also it is too laggy, I can't even play with WiFi on, also it needs to be easier to get gems. wow lol

  •  IPMedia

    IPMedia Keep up the good work! I used to have this game on my other phone, but I got a new one, so... I'll have to start it up again ( it needs cloudsave) and some of the quests were REALLY HARD.Please fix that! If you have though than thank-you. Superb!

  •  Eleplyget

    Eleplyget Not sure I loved this app until this morning.. Now it won't even load.. I never needed WiFi to make the game start. But now apparently I do just to get it download..but it won't even download... I can't get in!!! If I lose all my progress I will not be a happy ninja!! Superb!

  •  hmcginc

    hmcginc Fantastic programming, great time killer, super cute= BEST GAME EVER Love it! It's really cute you can do many different actions, my favorite potion so far is freeze. I recommend this for ppl that like funny physics. Whats also really cool is that you can costomize your ninja with different colors! Well done! Flawless

  •  voclwffz

    voclwffz Save Did Not Save I would rate 5 stars if my old save would've saved. I pressed log in but it just made me a new save. My old save was linked with my google account I think. It was level 60+. Brilliant

  •  MTBMartin

    MTBMartin Loved it The only bad thing is it glitches a lot plz fix. But after that great game . Works perfectly

  •  Insevecen

    Insevecen My son's teacher introduced this to him during a very emotional time in his life... when he blocked everyone out including me. They developed a very close bond. She was able to instil many valuable lessons. He still loves this game several years later, and it always reminds him of warm memories they shared. Teachers everywhere: you are invaluable, sincerely appreciated, and forever remembered. <3 Well done!!

  •  iomeris

    iomeris Cool game but........ Could you make them a little smart becus when just walking forward he\she always step on the trampolin if it's on the way becus i was ixpirmenting if he\she is smart but it din't go so well so go . Go and make a clumsy ninja that is much smarter........... just pleas make it and all the star will be complet wow lol

  •  JoysenNer

    JoysenNer Very funny at times, but crashes can be frustrating when it asks you to use your camera. Please fix and I will change to 5 stars Worth a go!

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