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لعبة السباق الرائعة فن رن Fun Run 2 هي لعبة متعددة اللاعبين، تتميز بأنها تخلق جوا من المنافسة بين الاصدقاء و رغم بساطة اللعبة الا انها ممتعة، تتحكم من خلالها في شخص يجب أن يحاول أن يكون أول من يصل إلى خط النهاية، المشكلة هي أنه بالإضافة إلى الأشخاص الخاصين بك ، سيكون هناك ثلاثة منافسين آخرين مسيطر عليهم من طرف لاعبين آخرين عبر الإنترنت، وفي هذا المقال سوف نتعرف على شرح و تحميل لعبة Fun run 2 للاندرويد.

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Commentaires à propos de Fun Run - Multiplayer Race

  •  jwclark

    jwclark I love this game when i play with friends, although when I play with no friends , just against random players, they seem to glitch out, I've came in 1st numerous times, but then, all of a sudden, I obviously crossed 1st, more than 4 seconds ahead and it tell me I came in 3rd, I'm a game rager, this flipped my lid!!! Not my connection. Other than that it's great, but where's this so called new levels and new power ups?!! Works perfectly

  •  dfgajxw

    dfgajxw Supper fun with friends Loved the first one so it was a definite download. The wife and I play it together all the time. Only problem is the random force stops and home screen game stops. Other than that,loads of fun! Great job

  •  dandlboutique

    dandlboutique Wheel Spin Problem Great game! Love it! Except, how many times am I going to spin and land on the "golden ???" Chest just to have the wheal clearly skip to the green gem right next to it? Highly Recommend.

  •  GOMarketsAUS

    GOMarketsAUS Fun as hell I love the game awesome pass time and super addicting. My only issue is that after the update every time i open the clan chat the app closes and i have to restart it, even then i still can't access the clan chat without it crashing Not bad

  •  designsrvc

    designsrvc Amazing It is one of the best games I've ever played. It's is so addicting and so fun. I see why they call it fun run Good

  •  Mobitec

    Mobitec Fix the bugs please!!! I absolutely love playing this game with my friends. But lately it's been buggin out. Kicks us out of games to the home screen. Or won't load games claiming no internet, clearly not the case. Please fix ASAP!! Awesome

  •  agvsport

    agvsport Seriously? Not only do you have to restart your score building up to a better league every week, but the game constantly lags and puts you in a lower place (there have been times I should have gotten first or second but the game lags and it places me in third or last) and now it wants to downgrade me to a lower league? As fun and addicting as it can be, these parts of the game make me start to regret investing time into it. These mechanics should be changed or fixed to make it more fair for the casual players. Perfect

  •  mckittrick

    mckittrick Fun but.... It's really fun but why do you die by your own rocket and saw things? Like aren't we trying to not get killed in the game? wow lol

  •  wetsiyero

    wetsiyero Comunicate I love the way you can talk with someone then race them it's cindove like 2 apps combined I app is to chat which your friend or even a group of friends and then the 2nd game is you get to play with your friends . also sometimes you just can't get enough of it. Great job

  •  rightsony

    rightsony Good time pass Fun to play. But sometimes gets stuck and the winning numbers are changed even after crossing the finishing line.Apart from that, it's a very good time pass option Good

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