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Défaite the Fallen Lords dans la cité enfouie dans ce jeu de société numérique.

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Les anciens sceaux commencent à faiblir et leurs captifs, connu seulement comme les Lords morts, remuer dans la ville enterrée. Les seigneurs déchus doivent être vaincus avant de se libérer et tordent le monde dans leur propre royaume désolé.

Maintenant que la plonger plus héroïque dans le donjon ci-dessous pour se tenir contre les Seigneurs morts.

Caractéristiques du jeu:
- 30 monstres avec de puissantes capacités
- 7 Lords morts uniques
- 13 tuiles de donjon

Seul comprimé. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Fallen Lords

  •  kzvwdzhgag

    kzvwdzhgag Good virtual board game Having fun playing this solo. A few tasks needed for 5* - show strength of monsters without need to use help ? icon; make it easier to drop die on monster, the detection can be to fussy; make zoom response better. Thanks Perfect

  •  gr8leisureconcept

    gr8leisureconcept Great game Love the feel and the layout of the game. A lot simular to the d&d board game line minus a leveling option. Only major complaint is that the dice can be a little difficult to drop on monster's, especially if they're right next to each other. Go well

  •  dietal57

    dietal57 Fun but technical difficulties. It is a very enjoyable game but tends to crash at times for me. Unable to close the game when I finish and try to exit. A great board game experience otherwise. Works great

  •  MzMaryJane

    MzMaryJane Great tactical exploration game Beautiful design, easy mechanics with good depth, scalable challenge level will keep it playable for a long time. Not bad

  •  lampsmanufacturers

    lampsmanufacturers Nearly perfect. Kudos to dev(s)! I love that it FEELS like you're playing a physical board game. Some minor changes that would make the game more enjoyable: - The ? mark button used to describe tiles and monsters is MUCH too small on my 7 inch tablet. It slows down gameplay having to carefully aim my finger on the small icon every time. - Playing solo and having to rotate my tablet 90 degrees every turn is very disorienting. - Achievements and stat-tracking. - DLC with more tiles/monsters/mechanics. That's it! I strongly recommend this game to RPG/board game fans! Worth it!

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