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Versão: 1.5.1
Tamanho: 17M


Fais sauter le cercle et ne touche surtout pas la ligne noire !

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Commentaires à propos de Circle

  •  smithke5

    smithke5 NEVER LOVED AN APP LIKE THIS BEFORE I was surprised as to how easily I got addicted to it. It reminded me a lot of Flappy Bird (another awesome game back then hahaha) but this is waaaay cooler. Your games are really tough and I love them! Keep it up, Ketchapp! ♡ Fabulous!

  •  Tupheattter

    Tupheattter I like the game very much but I wish there where more characters for the circle and goals to do on it but I really like tho is the races and the game too but its not meant for a 5 star rating so I'll give it 4 out of 5 instead Enjoy it!

  •  dqwltznwkpr

    dqwltznwkpr The game itself is fantastic, but the races past about level 10 are LAGGING! It almost seems impossible to beat any levels in the race section when it is this horribly slow. Please fix. Works perfectly

  •  petersonplumbing

    petersonplumbing Like this game but after one game the screen goes black with one ad across the bottom. I have to completely erase my history to play another round. Fabulous!

  •  yellowpenguin

    yellowpenguin Yet another great, addictive game from Ketchapp Amazing game; would be better if there was a way to revive yourself after you crashed. Flawless

  •  josefgersht

    josefgersht Awesome This game on s like SOO awesome and like I'm so good at it! I got up to 50 points and that is an achievement!

  •  trisela

    trisela Eh The game itself is really good and addicting, I tend to play it a lot myself, except for the fact its own ads make it lag. I honestly think I'd have a higher high score if it weren't for countless times the circle would stop or slow down and then suddenly be on the line because of the lag.

  •  ayushgoyal139

    ayushgoyal139 Great except from the... ADS: It would be brilliant if there was no ads!! Firstly the some of the ads dont even load so whats the point? Apart from the ads its a decent game :) Also it does freeze sometimes. ♥

  •  robberthardwell4

    robberthardwell4 Works well on phone but not at all on tablet The game works well on my phone but I've had issues with the game on my tablet. It loads only partially, the yellow circle never appears, leaving the only graphics on a white background to be the black line. I cannot tell where my circle is or if I get a score.

  •  linrenzhen

    linrenzhen Good BUT... Its a cool game and all but when i press sometimes it dosent bounce and kills me and thats annoying so yeh and also any more ways to get dimonds that would help thx

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