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Joue maintenant au meilleur jeu et empile les blocs aussi haut que possible !

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Empilez les blocs aussi haut que possible !

◉ Design simple et magnifique
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Commentaires à propos de Stack

  •  druttyAllorry

    druttyAllorry Good but... I really like this game, challenging and i am hooked! The only thing i hate is that ads pop up like every other round. Fix the ads and its 5 stars. Thanks again for creating awesome and neat-looking games Kecthapp. I wish there was a way to get the scoop on upcoming games because i check back for new games often. 5 star

  •  kleinkak

    kleinkak Good, with a major flaw I've ran into an issue that occurs about 1 out of every 3 rounds, where I'll tap, and the game won't register the trap until well after the position I wanted. For a game based on timing and your ability to stack moving blocks, when you tap is important, and needs to be 100% reliable. I'm on a Nexus 6P, very new phone with excellent hardware. I've closed all background apps, to try and troubleshoot. It's an issue I'd like to see fixed. Perfect

  •  oegrgdaqma

    oegrgdaqma Challenging and aesthetically pleasing A well made, minimalist stacking game which takes a long time to master, with nice simple visuals, a satisfying game mechanic and good sound effects. The instant replayability makes for a good competitive game amongst friends. The only reason it doesn't have a 5* is because I feel more could have been added to it, and done with the mechanic. Well done!!

  •  atporter

    atporter Some issues but highly addicting It's a fantastic game and I'd give it 5 stars if it weren't for the minor I come across a lot. I'll tap the screen only for it to register the tap several seconds later, offer placing the block in the void zone. I still highly recommend it though because it is still playable. Recommend

  •  singhsept

    singhsept Beautiful, fun and challenging Awesome game, clean and simple. Gorgeous use of color and texture. Love addition of themes to unlock, especially Jelly, Sheet, Retro, Candy, Money, Art III, Art IV. Could do without some more basic patterns that look awkward from the side. ONLY COMPLAINT is when game lag due to an ad loading ruins my stack! Great job

  •  dkfwiqc

    dkfwiqc A good game, love this company This game is very good. I have only been playing it for about a week, but I truly enjoy it. I have one problem though, and I don't know if it is just my phone or what since it is new still. I cannot purchase any new block textures and I would really love to see the jelly or money textures. Other than that it is fine. Just wow

  •  cheapestwowgoldmsv

    cheapestwowgoldmsv Hooray for more textures! ^0^ The ads seem to work normally sometimes when I play, but other times I'm not getting any 'watch ad for 20 diamonds' notices at all. Love the new textures; the best ones are the ones like Jelly that have a different physics behavior. This is a beautifully designed game and enjoyably simple. However the next ad that pops up mid game and ruins my score I'm going to scream. -_- Works great

  •  enzyhonna

    enzyhonna great game but everytime a new Ad banner is loaded (which is during every run at least once ffs) the game input goes to a massive lag and it loses my current run instantly (as it slices the block 0.5s later). makes the game unplayable at higher scores (70+). Great job

  •  asafp584296

    asafp584296 It's fine It's fairly fun, but it only hold your interest for a short while. Oftentimes I will tap the screen and the Block will keep moving and then drop off the side so I have to restart. Anyway, I'm bored with it already, so I'm uninstalling it. Fantastic

  •  yigrxqybjq

    yigrxqybjq Original in some way, not so much in others Stack is a gorgeous and clever new take on the classic tower building formula, rewarding you for placing stacks accurately, and cutting off extraneous bits when you miss, forcing you to aim over an increasingly small area and making the game more challenging as it goes along. It's charmingly minimalistic, and is a joy to play. Too bad it shamelessly rips of monument valley's art style, right down to the menu sounds. Which is easy to ignore, if a little sad. Highly Recommend.

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