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Little Dentist convierte en realidad todo un sueño macabro: convertirte en dentista por un rato.

Si estás harto de ver cómo tu dentista utiliza sus herramientas en tu boca, con Little Dentist podrás pasar al otro lado y, de paso, divertirte.

Muy simple, en Little Dentist deberás aliviar las molestias de tus pacientes utilizando las herramientas adecuadas. Si lo haces bien, superarás cada uno de sus niveles.

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Commentaires à propos de Crazy Dentist - Fun games

  •  SDAaLick

    SDAaLick It is a great game At the first I thought it would be a bad game so I uninstall it and download another game like this but it was not a good game . So I realised this is a good game so im telling you that there is no better dentist game than this game so install this game Fabulous!

  •  drhardy

    drhardy Its not the best I find it difficult to complete the minigames but it's a good game to play when you are bored wow lol

  •  enochmayfieldsn

    enochmayfieldsn Crazy dentist It is a good quality game and if you or your kids like to pretend they are a dentist then this if the game. It also sends a message to little kids that they sould always brush there teeth Good

  •  Dilipgupta

    Dilipgupta I really liked it but it was short It was a veary fun game but it ened soon only 8 stages maybe mine is messing up or its to short Works great

  •  hotlatinlava

    hotlatinlava Educational Teaches kids how to be a dentist even though there is too many ads it is still very educational please listen to my ad thank you for your cooperation sincerely Jackie mace 12 Pretty good

  •  kbkspeaks

    kbkspeaks Great time killer I liked it but it has way too many adds and you are always having to unlock the items and you always have to choose the right one or you start over other than that it was a great time killer Fabulous!

  •  majorenergy

    majorenergy Alright Half and half well this game is super boring but its also has way to many adds but the game is addictive and funny I guess thats what makes it addictive. so I don't know how to react to this game Fabulous!

  •  ijisinstitute

    ijisinstitute Confused It doesn't specify where are all the animal patients are like on the advertisement here! Help! Enjoy it!

  •  Titobiony

    Titobiony Really! Firs people don't like it because of the 8 levels this game is for kids that like to play it and that what's to be dentist one day. I read lots op mean comments. Why do you download it in the first place if you don't like it. Here's a plan read what's it about and if you can't read look at some pics of the game and you can read comments of it and if you don't know how to read,I feel very sorry for you. Well done!!

  •  Myjlcl07

    Myjlcl07 Eh. This is a fun game but it gets boring after a while but I'm not mad cause this game is made for kids so eh Great job

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