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Êtes-vous prêts pour un jeu de tir à la première personne rempli d’action ?

Critical OPS, c’est un FPS au rythme rapide vous permettant de tester vos réflexes et vos habiletés tactiques.

Découvrez l’expérience de la guerre terroriste sous tous ses angles : Combattez en tant que Counter-Terrorist dans une opération anti-terroriste ou visez à causer la destruction dans la peau d’un Terrorist.

Combattez pour la domination aux côtés de vos amis, ou montrez au monde votre force en menant au classement individuel.

Joignez-vous à la scène compétitive dans un FPS mobile demandant habileté et compétences.

Armez vous d’un arsenal important d’armes à feu allant des pistolets aux fusils d’assaut, en passant par les snipers.

Personnalisez vos armes avec des skins que vous pourrez acheter en boutique (Critical Ops n’est pas et ne sera jamais pay-to-win).

Le jeu est actuellement en phase Alpha. Mais vous pouvez télécharger le jeu et y jouer maintenant.
Nous travaillons en permanence sur le jeu pour corriger les bugs, améliorer l’optimisation et ajouter des tonnes de nouvelles fonctionnalités et de contenu. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Critical Ops

  •  benjones26

    benjones26 Good but.... It's a great game. It's very skill based. But there's one thing bad about this game, it's the loading times. It takes too long to load. Also add a offline mode and a training mode. Please make it easier to earn credits. Also add different knives and knife skins. Also I get kicked out of rooms why Works perfectly

  •  higpaids

    higpaids Love it It reminds me of csgo which is the best part. Only thing I recommend is Gun modes. It's kind of annoying when you make a sniper match and people come in and ruin the fun by using a different gun. If you can't add that, then please add a Kick Player option. Thanks! Marvelous

  •  thebrooklynjai

    thebrooklynjai Greatest app on the appstore Is it possible to add RPG'S that does to the same amount of damage as a grenade but with a bigger collision space and throwable knives and different melee weapons? Also a new game mod idea HOSTAGE the Terrorists have the hostages and the COUNTER terrorists have to free them...AND MATCH PRIZES IS HELPFUL ASWELL Worth a go!

  •  sidra786amin

    sidra786amin Amazing!!! Must play just like cs GO but Just on phone but... we want more maps Maby dust and Aztec and more also more guns and knifes and skins over all great job. Please make changes thanks. Great job

  •  cymnencocky

    cymnencocky Crash Can u fix the crashes? Its annoying when i'm getting aces and collades and then it crashes. Besides that, the gameplay and the rest are excellent. Amazing!

  •  minnocence

    minnocence Have over 100 skins, all from ads, loving the pure skill, not pay to win game. Graphics look sick if turned up, and otherwise passable. If I had one thing I could change, I would add the ability to reprogram buttons. I have a camera button that would benefit me in a firefight, as I could then move, aim and shoot. Must have

  •  databoxgames

    databoxgames Very fun but... I suggest you to make a clan system and more maps. But i am not happy with the new version as the new version prevents me from playing the same room with my friends. I prefer the old update better where there are all rooms in a server and we get to play with our friends. I'm a little bit dissapointed with the new update. Help fix this problem please, thank you! :) Cool

  •  wyolpjrh

    wyolpjrh Uhh, ok that's a little scary It was fun, I had no problem with loading time, but it lags a bit, and started to do the screen glich. I still have it, but it's even sneaking up on my phone's health. I reccomend ypu get it but i'm feeling a bit cringy about it. Must have

  •  flavia2012

    flavia2012 Good fps I enjoy this game because it has a cs feel to it. at the start of each round you buy the weapons you earned by killing. not by real money and you have this op gun and murder everyone. this game is a must if you want a good fps on your phone. Fantastic

  •  verobabygirl

    verobabygirl Fun tactical team based gameplay After a few matches I realised that this game encourages team play a lot more than Modern Combat or other games where a skilled player(or one that pays to win) would easily destroy an entire team. There are no pay to win mechanics and all weapons are unlocked from the start. There are 2 gamodes (plant the bomb and deathmach) and a few maps.Each match you start with 0 money and after every victory/defeat you earn some for weapons/grenades etc. (At the end of the match your money resets.) 10/10 awsome one Marvelous

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