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La Race la plus légendaire du monde et emblématique des voitures classiques maintenant sur Android GRATUITEMENT!

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Versão: 2.0.0
Tamanho: 871M


PAR LES CRÉATEURS DE CSR RACING ! Les légendes du dragstrip des 60 dernières années reprennent vie dans CSR Classics.

CONCOUREZ AVEC PLUS DE 50 DES MEILLEURES VOITURES JAMAIS CONÇUES, parmi lesquelles la Shelby Mustang GT500, la Ford GT40, la Plymouth Superbird et d'autres modèles classiques de BMW, Chevrolet, Dodge, Ford, Mercedes, Plymouth, Pontiac, Shelby et bien d'autres !

RESTAUREZ VOTRE VOITURE et transformez des tas de ferraille rouillée en sublimes bolides !

CLASH DES TITANS ! - Cobra contre Mercedes 300 SL, Dodge Superbee contre Chevrolet Camaro, Ford Mustang contre Skyline GT-R !

FACILE À JOUER, DIFFICILE À MAÎTRISER : faites une course rapide si vous avez une minute, ou engagez-vous dans la conquête du classement en ligne.


Défiez les gangs de la ville et affrontez des conducteurs chevronnés. Saurez-vous régner sur la ville ?

Nécessite 1 Go de RAM et Android OS 4.0 ou version supérieure.

Assurez-vous d'être connecté à Internet lorsque vous jouez afin d'avoir accès aux derniers contenus et aux fonctionnalités les plus récentes. Cela permettra aussi de sauvegarder votre profil.

REMARQUE : CSR Classics est un jeu gratuit, mais il contient des éléments qui peuvent être achetés contre de l'argent réel.

Pour empêcher tout achat non autorisé, sélectionnez « Définir ou modifier le PIN » dans le menu des paramètres de Google Play, créez un code PIN, puis activez l'option « Utiliser PIN pour achats ». Vous serez ensuite invité à saisir votre code PIN avant chaque transaction.

CSR Classics est édité par NaturalMotion Games.
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Commentaires à propos de CSR Classics

  •  1hasan

    1hasan The heck was in that update?! The recent update increased my framerates a LOT. But I'm still not completely satisfied with you because you're yet to release another CSR Classics or CSR 3 with classics in graphics as good as or better than CSR 2. The multiplayer is not that good. You can't bet any money. There's no fun in street racing with classics without money at stake. Please get another CSR Classics out with better multiplayer and special cars such as Fast & Furious cars and other iconic classic movie cars and body customization. Fabulous!

  •  seojoblogs

    seojoblogs Love this Add some old Holden muscle cars in here monaro,torana,Commodore, or ke70 corolla please. Not bad

  •  seoforanyone

    seoforanyone D1971kyd A person would absolute looooove this game (or so I do), however, it clashes (glitches)as a person be racing, der'4, losing their wins. Otha than dat... this game is da best. Fix this problem or problems, and I will give u 5 stars. Brilliant

  •  kabypoontatty

    kabypoontatty Update Problem Like CSR Racing the new update has messed it up. It doesn't work any more. I will open it and then I will be sent back to home page. I spent like $150 and I get this crap, really guys? I love this game but put off by this huge problem. Hopefully you're working on a patch. Worth a go!

  •  gadadhar

    gadadhar Excellent (and it's free-to-play) Good graphics, with no lag. Would recommend this over csr 2 for that reason. I also think the multiplayer is better than in csr 2. I like the season competitions where you can win special cars. The gameplay is smooth, with a good system for shifting. There are many opportunities to earn gold coins, so you don't always have to buy them. Only things I think would be nice if they added would be more cosmetic options for your cars. Currently you can change the paint, the vinyls, and the vinyl color. Marvelous

  •  hotcurrentnews

    hotcurrentnews Excellent Game! Been playing a few days now. I've had no lag issues. I'm impatient so I really love that I can watch a quick ad to speed up parts delivery. Also, there's no limit on how many ads you can view. I had the choice between waiting 12 mins for 1 gas, or watching ads..i watched ads for a lil under 5 mins and filled my tank! Plus, you can win gold to make it more fun. You don't HAVE to spend real money to enjoy this game! I LOVE IT! Perfect!

  •  royrobinson

    royrobinson Great fun Cars and Upgrades are way too much. My Countach will run over 2 million in cost and upgrades and that is ridiculous even in a game world. smh love it

  •  mariocity

    mariocity Addicted. Very Addicted! Amx never gets old! Just a few things though... For any future update: maybe a 1/8 mile and maybe tune gears on cars; Porsche and Buick! And maybe..add a feature to sell cars. Not that i want to, but, some peaple do.That's all I need and I'm good! Other than that, keep it up! It's great the way it is now! Awesome graphics. I'm in the 3000 range in multiplayer. Like i said, keep updating... great AMCS! I love the javelin! I have the rebel the machine and the rambler! Good details! Suggested models: GSX for T4, 911 Carrera for T3! Cash! #CSR Brilliant

  •  bestexports

    bestexports Good app But you should add an option to sell the cars you don't want. Because it's difficult and takes a long time to get money and gold. I'm unable to play tier 2 because I can't afford a car. Cool

  •  davisjaa

    davisjaa no old school drag cars this game needs drag cars were the do wheelies when the race starts like do a classic copo camaro. or any old drag car. i think the game will be alot of fun if u added that. Thank you Amazing!

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