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Bataille en temps réel et des graphiques dans ce jeu

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Commentaires à propos de Dawn Of Titans

  •  stephaniey

    stephaniey Last update hanging Hi I installed last update &since that I can not play the once I open it hanging I have HTC m8 wow lol

  •  johnmce

    johnmce Dig the game being playing for a while now its kinda addictive... thy can do a better job on the view point, wish I can zoom in some to see the battle a little bit better Works great

  •  sidsom1

    sidsom1 Great game! Love the new idea and the game concept, please do bring in more events and make it world wide. More player more fun. Fabulous!

  •  Restiskinsdic

    Restiskinsdic Still bugged My Goliaths still show as level 1 when in a defensive army, even though they're level 5. Equipping elemental weapons has no effect whatsoever on damage. Doesn't even show on the damage stats. The only thing it does is change the weapon animation. Please fix this. Good

  •  PaydayFrach

    PaydayFrach Wolverine strategy against strong appoint Dawn of Titan it's a strategy war game. So when you face a strong appoint you have to think twice before starting a war with his alliance ,any how you gonna use one war trick before he destroy all you lands. 1- discharge all your lands and own the gold 2- capp.week players land from appoints and add a strong Titan to them, so you guarantee no revenge from him.3-the strong appoint will attack the land that you cap.and destroy them .in that way he is destroy actually his alliance lands . And you Winn war Amazing!

  •  liquidrockgames

    liquidrockgames I just lost my best titan to create a fusion with my worst one. ITS SO UNFAIR. A WARNING SAYING THAT YOU LOOSE YOUR TITAN WOULD BE NICE!! definetely not playing this game anymore unless i somehow get him back. And to think i almost was about to spend $20 dollars on this game -.- lucky me. (update) Thanks for the tokens... will still play since this gave a big boost :) Go well

  •  wabontonea

    wabontonea I'm just wanting to know?? How do i get out of my alliance cause these people ain't really on at all A. It's annoying I just want to join some other alliance Perfect!

  •  attorneyindia

    attorneyindia Great game I hated the new update, so many BIG changes but now that I've kept playing I really enjoy it now. Titan fusion is really good and the variety of relics is awesome. However my only suggestion is it would be good if you guys could add human troops with faction troops on the high level neutral lands instead of only faction troops. Great game though Fantastic

  •  harlanschwar37

    harlanschwar37 One of the best android games there is period Verry amusing game but i wanted to say. For a while now i noticed that i verry often click on heal with diamond after battle.. that is because of the continue wont work and if u press 2 much u will already have healed with precious saved diamond. I have had this multiple times but never took to time to add it in a report or comment as now.. anyone else has this. Great game <3 Fantastic

  •  ripa131

    ripa131 Good update but... Love the update. Awesome gamelplay. And great Idea with titan fusion. But raiding for resources have become difficult. And when I do win I have 1 unit left. Even raiding a player on the same level is near to impossible. Same level, but I have half the number of units. It's made me play less, as it's annoying looking for decent resources to raid. Would have been 5 stars. I can't be the only one experiencing this. Keep up the good work though. Brilliant

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