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Dead Trigger 2 vous plonge entièrement dans la résistance humaine à la fin de l'apocalypse zombie. Aniquílalos tous avec vos armes dans Dead Trigger 2

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Vas a tener que ponerte las pilas si quieres sobrevivir a la invasión zombie que asola el planeta. Por suerte has encontrado un buen escondite donde, con ayuda de personajes que te van a proveer de cuidados y tecnología, vas a poder pertrecharte para salir al mundo a terminar con todos y cada uno de los zombies que salgan a tu paso. La humanidad depende de ti en Dead Trigger 2 para Android.


  • Juego de acción de tipo First Person Shooter.
  • Controles táctiles o analógicos con mandos compatibles.
  • Gráficos de gran calidad.
  • Desarrollo del juego en tiempo real.
  • Escondite donde proveerte de armamento y cuidados gracias al médico, armero, ingeniero, contrabandista y científico.
  • Zombies que se resisten a los métodos tradicionales de eliminación.

Segundas partes que sí son buenas

Dead Trigger 2 es la segunda parte de un juego que tuvo en su haber más de una veintena de millones de descargas. Te hará divertirte con misiones que se desarrollan en tiempo real y con la utilización de un amplio elenco de armas en un FPS que puedes manejar mediante controles táctiles o analógicos.

Descarga Dead Trigger 2 y destruye todos los zombies que se crucen en tu camino.

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Commentaires à propos de Dead Trigger

  •  marketingbyraj

    marketingbyraj A new campain recommendation I could suggest a new environment in underwater bases in the pacific ocean where the campain will take you to the leader of the black coats and can solve a huge crisis with missile strike threats against the resistance. I hope you look into this as a good final campain for this game as it seems like a good idea. Well done!!

  •  Fiona23

    Fiona23 very good way for wasting time for an android class game, this is very good and addicting. little bit not fair for the hero because he cannot jump over baricade or crawl under half closed fence. the point is: if you love survival horror FPS, you must try this. Not bad

  •  curtmaly

    curtmaly Great game but The game is great and I cant stop playing it at first. But when I finished the South American Campaign. The game just stops there. I have no more missions now, even though I keep upgrading Tech. Can you please fix this so I can give you the 5 stars you deserve Worth a go!

  •  indiavisaheadoffice

    indiavisaheadoffice Damn! I thought the is offline game waiting to finish download and its online that sucks wish it could be a offline game. the game is cool and fun it don't need wi-fi or mobile data it only slow down the game if you don't have a proper wi-fi or mobile data! Recommend

  •  platful

    platful Good I play with a controller If you have a controller it's like playing on any other system but a little bit slower. But I wouldn't pay for a AK that gold for $50 in real life money Just wow

  •  brix99

    brix99 Good game but...... Dead Trigger is a good game, I love it so much. I give it 4 because I has been banned by mistake 2 years ago. But it is forgettable, everyone make mistake. Omg

  •  magnetastectibe

    magnetastectibe Best Zombie Shooter On Play Store I loved the game but it would even be better if they put story missions on all the other maps and had multiplayer where a friend could help you kill the zombies Worth it!

  •  bestodds1978

    bestodds1978 Needs more maps, zombies, and game modes. Can you add an option for the game to change its atmosphere? I like the post apocalyptic DT1 feel. Pls add an option to increase weapon slot. I would also like to suggest some maps: hospital, asylum, prison, military facility, amusement park, beach, subway, cinema, shopping mall, supermarket, casino, zoo, corn field, and haunted house. I wish there's more thrilling things to do. Even with the double money, the game is still a heavy grind fest. Lack of multiplayer also makes this game really incomplete. Recommend

  •  Bloosygok

    Bloosygok Excellent game there's just one problem. Very good game been playing this for a while now only problem I have is it keeps wanting to download extra data something like 250mb every time I start the game and sometimes it has problems downloading and I have no problems with Internet connection. 5 star

  •  privateaccommodation

    privateaccommodation great game but.... can't play for more than 15 mins bcos the game totally frys my phn to the point I can't even hold it! my friends have the same problem and we all.have brand new s6 and s7's! plz fix 5 star

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