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Commentaires à propos de Deezer: download music. Play radio & any song, MP3

  •  confor92

    confor92 Fantastic I commute everyday while streaming music. This app is brilliant. The high quality audio sets it apart! Recommend

  •  jannantonacci

    jannantonacci Keep it up! Wish I could change my displayed image anytime, would you mind making it easier? Thanks Deezer Family! Perfect

  •  urykmooehv

    urykmooehv Deezer/Geezer App The best out there. Variety, amount,lyrics,sound,function,user-friendly and so much more. Simply because even if people don't sign up well subscribe for the measly price of £9.99p Deezer the Geezer still let's you listen,search for tracks with some restrictions granted and a minor advert how could you not subscribe. You haven't even paid and they sort you out. Me it was a time of no access to tunes all personal tracks was lost, but Deezer the Geezer made me buzzing. Love the adverts on TV Worth a go!

  •  fmjkmooeds

    fmjkmooeds Ok at first There have been more updates since my last review, but I'm not to happy about the new way that notifications are set up. I keep seeing duplicates of the same album suggestions one after the other. Before, I saw more in terms of suggestion quantity but now, it's like one album a day and this is on Premium membership as well...what's up with that? Highly Recommend.

  •  treatment25

    treatment25 Too good I found all my favourite Yoruba music except EKITI music e.g Chief Elemure Ogunyemi.Pls u need to add these albums for me & avoid requesting for my ATM CARD NO before downloading is done,u can find another means to replace that,this however has been preventing me from downloading my loved music.Or is this app.not meant for downloading? If not you can develop another one that will not be requesting for ATM CARD. I will rate u 5 sters.Again,the offline mode isnt working.Pls I need 'ur response. Awesome

  •  LymnSmakinake

    LymnSmakinake Not working! I've had this app before and it worked perfectly fine, but after i uninstalled and installed it again, it won't work. It has been asking me to change the folder to where i store my music and every time i select "change folder" it never works and it says that the app needs to be restarted. I've tried reinstalling again and again. What do i do? Please help. I love this app. Omg

  •  MoixIodix

    MoixIodix People need to get an up to date phone Deezer is the best app around better than Spotify, the only problems I have had is the connection but I rectify my Internet connections, and it's all deezer. Am sorry but those who keep moaning about the app can please bogger off to spotify. Deezer is like playstation and spotify is like xbox.One is for the master the other is for the student. Sorry it has to be said. Am an old school chick, I have a Sony M4 aqua and Sony is all about the music.Get the right phone! And all will be deezer! Worth it!

  •  Flubimmedeemi

    Flubimmedeemi This is better than spotify!!!!! This app is the best music app EVERRRR. Previously i used spotify premium but that cheated me. It showed adverts and never let me download. Now i am on the fifteen day trial and it is THE BEST. Y'all should download deezer. It is affordable, amazing and IT LIFTS UP MY DAY. Brilliant

  •  Fammomsmuro

    Fammomsmuro Bring the playlist list back. I love this app, but since the last update the choice of playlists has become very limited. The same ones are offered each day, and you cannot see the whole list. Maybe it's just me but I like to listen to different kinds of music depending on my mood. Please restore the list. If not I will regretfully have to uninstall. Fantastic

  •  Icerspsycle

    Icerspsycle Random song issue Its randomly playing different songs to what I'd like to listen to whist a free user. If not fixed soon..i will have to remove it. Flawless

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