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C'est un jeu avec six dices également connu sous le nom Farkle Dice, bataille dés, Zilch, Yahtzee, Barbut, merde ou 10000 dés. Au début du jeu, vous les rouler avec cliquant sur le bouton ou en secouant votre téléphone. Différentes combinaisons vous donne des points différents. Si vous aimez combinaison vous le prenez, si vous ne vous pouvez rouler à nouveau, mais il est possible de perdre vos points actuels. Vous décidez votre tactique!

Modes de jeu:
 - Single Player
 - Local MultiPlayer
 - En ligne MultiPlayer Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Dice Game

  •  brandaez0445

    brandaez0445 OK. I give up. I've mentioned the deviation from rules( not being able to just pick a SINGLE 1 or 5 - the idea being to trade off a die and therefore statistical chance of a successful roll next time decreases BUT you stay alive to try )as have a few others. I reinstalled today to see if there'd been much change. It's such a lovely app but it just doesn't play Dix Mille. Up to you of course. I give three stars as it's a great app.If only I could choose the official 10,000 rules.

  •  axhxtex

    axhxtex Meh This app isn't following the right rules. Every time you roll two ones or two fives, you have to choose both of them, you don't have the option of taking only one of the ones or one of the fives. Also, when you use all of the dice, you're supposed to have a free roll, which you don't, and the real stupid thing about it is you still can roll after getting all of them, but it just ends up as an automatic zero. And it'd be nice to have different difficulty settings Otherwise, it runs smoothly and such.

  •  kdnslorf

    kdnslorf Could be better No option to pick only one die if you roll 2 or more 5's or 1's. Not immediately obvious that computer is playing in single player.

  •  afoneg

    afoneg Rules? Use all 6 dice in one roll and hit roll again and you lose ALL your points for that roll and your turn ????? No ability to pick which dice to score. Ok looks but this game is out of here.

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