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Collecter et de jouer avec des centaines de Disney et de Pixar émoticônes!

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À vos marques, prêts, associez !
Récupère et joue avec des centaines d'emojis Disney, Pixar et Star Wars dans un jeu d'associations inédit et fun ! Fais des parties de match-3 effrénées pour gagner des récompenses, effectuer des missions et découvrir de nouveaux emojis.

Récupère des personnages et objets emojis de Disney, Pixar et Star Wars tirés de La Petite Sirène, Le Roi Lion, Cendrillon, Zootopie, Les Muppets, mais aussi de Toy Story, Monstres et Cie et Le Monde de Dory de Disney|Pixar et beaucoup d'autres !

• ASSOCIE des emojis pour faire de gros scores et débloquer de nouveaux personnages
• RÉCUPÈRE plus de 700 personnages et objets emojis de Disney et Pixar
• EXPLOSE le plateau avec d'expressifs pouvoirs spéciaux et combos emojis
• JOUE des missions pour battre tes records de points et gagner des récompenses
• DÉFIE tes amis et tente de battre leurs records
• PARTAGE les emojis que tu as récupérés avec le clavier Emoji Blitz

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• Des services basés sur la localisation
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• Des publicités pour The Walt Disney Family of Companies

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Commentaires à propos de Disney Emoji Blitz

  •  janealamjowel

    janealamjowel Must download. Match super fast. I have had this app for 2 weeks I love the game. I have been in rank position 1, 2, 4 since had it a month now, cutest most addicting game ever. 2 yr old loves it to I mean who doesn't love Disney. Way better than candy crush. I only wish for more lives. I just need more lives. 10 mins is kinda long. Also the latest gem packages have been a awesome deal the 80% off. I have never bought anything in game beside this one n im 24. N dont pay for lives but have cause i love but 2yr old. Loves could we get l Works great

  •  brandappz

    brandappz I love this game so much. My only issue is that I've had to reinstall it 3 times already because of it freezing up upon start making me lose all of my progress each time. It is now frozen again. Yes, I followed all troubleshooting steps. Still frozen. Would be nice to have a reinstall option to keep all progress of the game. Great job

  •  submissionpr

    submissionpr Fun, but has issues It's a fun and addictive game, but has issues. It constantly lags, won't switch when there's a match, and doesn't give power ups when you match the right amounts. Also, when you buy new boxes if it's a repeat, it's supposed to make it more powerful. The last three times it hasn't done that so I've wasted 45,000 coins. Please fix. Fabulous!

  •  pqwaak

    pqwaak I LOVE this game but I seem to have unlocked all the collections and now I feel like I'm only playing to be able to get the emoji characters that I don't have. It says more will unlock when I complete the collections and more opened last time but now I have nothing new goal wise to collect so I feel that when I get all of the characters there is no more point to it Omg

  •  inquirie

    inquirie Almost Perfect! This game would be 5 stars if the volume didn't disappear everytime I got a notification on my phone (ie., text, email, or facebook). I also would appreciate being able to pick my own emoji when purchasing one. It feels like I'm not getting the best ones. Also, I purchased a Diamond Box emoji and it gave me one I already had. When I spoke to support, they said it would up the power but I definitely don't feel that is a consolation! Marvelous

  •  kurella

    kurella Fun fun fun This is a great little game, highly addictive, and so much fun. It's only 60 seconds per round so not a total time drain. Down fall is the emojis don't really work on your keyboard. Do not download for the option of more emojis because you will be disappointed however the game itself a lot of fun. wow lol

  •  alenerpp

    alenerpp Great fun! I still cant get to play.I claimed my rewards but still cant play please fix ty I have so much fun to a point but now I cant seem to play. The game level is locked. When afe you going to fix this situation? I still can't play please fix this Brilliant

  •  Sylvia

    Sylvia I was happily surprised. I love the way this game is designed. Prizes in the game are actually new emojis for your phones keyboard which is cool. I also really like that you can win gems as frequently as with coins unlike alot of games where you can only get gems through spending real money. It's definately a boredom defeater and when trying to accomplish the games goals very addicting! Works great

  •  RobinTemple

    RobinTemple Looove it! 1 glitch fix request Great game! Love the cute simple graphics. Reminds me of chibis! Now, whenever i get a text/call/notification...it cuts off the sound. I have to exit, kill the app, and open it again to get sound back. Pleasepleaseplease fix Well done!!

  •  DejanK

    DejanK Love it, but frustrating Really frustrated with continually receiving power ups on the boxes. Game says "You have enough to coins to buy a new emoji" but you aren't guaranteed a new one. I currently have to play with Sebastian, but I don't have him and the last FIVE boxes I have bought have been power ups. I wish I could choose how I spend my coins and control WHO I get. When I spend gems to trade out missions required emojis i don't have, it just replaces it with another emoji I don't have. Not cool. Not fair. Fix it, please!!! Flawless

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