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Le #1 DJ app pour Android. Mix de la musique sur votre appareil ou depuis Spotify.

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Versão: 2.3.1
Tamanho: 71M


Prêt à basculer votre prochaine fête? Présentation de djay 2 - la prochaine génération du best-seller de l'application DJ du monde est maintenant disponible sur Android.

djay transforme votre appareil Android en un système DJ complet. Parfaitement intégré avec Spotify et toute la musique sur votre appareil, djay vous permet d'accéder directement à mélanger vos chansons et listes de lecture préférées instantanément. Vous pouvez effectuer en direct, enregistrement mélange sur le pouce, ou activer le mode Automix pour laisser djay créer un mélange homogène pour vous automatiquement. Que vous soyez un DJ professionnel ou un débutant qui aime juste jouer avec la musique, djay vous offre le puissant expérience de DJ la plus intuitive sur un appareil Android.

Principales caractéristiques

• l'intégration de Spotify
• l'intégration de la bibliothèque musicale (tous les fichiers sur votre appareil, pas d'accès à Google Play Musique)
• Automix
• Match: intelligente moteur chanson de recommandation alimenté par Le Nid Echo
• Audio FX: Flanger, Phaser, Echo, Gate, Bit Crusher
• Mixer, Tempo, pitch-bend, filtres et commandes de l'égaliseur
• Looping & Cue Points
• couleur HD formes d'onde ™
• Enregistrement en direct (musique locale uniquement)
• Sampler avec FX inclus son, batterie, et un pack exclusif par Snoop Dogg
• Mode portrait Single Deck
• Pré-Repérage avec un casque (en utilisant Griffin DJ Cable)
• avancée time-stretching (nécessite quad-core de dispositif de Nexus)
• rythme et tempo détection automatique
• Auto-Gain
• Prise en charge tous les principaux formats audio
• Prise en charge des périphériques Bluetooth
• Prise en charge de contrôleur DJ MIDI (Reloop BeatPad)

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Intégration Spotify nécessite Spotify Premium et d'une connexion Internet, un essai gratuit est disponible. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de djay 2

  •  nxdgkslvha

    nxdgkslvha Great app Add in an option to snap the BPM slider back to its original spot. The ability to quickly snap from 70 BPM to 140 without looking like a fool struggling to get it positioned perfectly for 5 mins would be greatly appreciated very nicely made app though Flawless

  •  nanettedp

    nanettedp Finally a quality audio app for Android The developers of this app took the time to get this program right and I enjoy the commitment to improving it. Glad they went against trends and produced an Android app worth purchasing. Please support them and do not pirate this. One note, wish I could access song saved offline in my Google play music library. Great job

  •  bel25inda

    bel25inda Great App for "Forever Vinyl" Dj's converting to Digital. Face it, there will never be an Audio Footprint like a grooved disc of Vinyl.. App is very glitchy on every Android device I have installed it on but its not the App so much as it is the Android Platform...I would have given it five stars but if I am wrong about the Platform being the culprit, I would hate to have to eat my words.. Overall, I would recomend this App to anybody who loves music the way I do...! Highly Recommend.

  •  StatecixUteta

    StatecixUteta Slow, FX Aren't Great, Cuts Out Beginning of Songs Whenever I pin the app and use it in the background, and then I go back in to the app, it freezes. Takes about 10 seconds for it to start responding again. The deck loads songs very slowly as well. The Sound FX are kinda lame. I'll admit that the Snoop Dogg pack is cool, but why would anyone need that? Also, it always cuts the first 1/4 of a second out of my song, which sounds bad for songs that start with vocals right away, or voice tracks that I put in it. Highly Recommend.

  •  ProCamera

    ProCamera No master tempo setting available Even though i have purchased this app. Still i am not getting the master tempo option in this. Works perfectly

  •  health968

    health968 Amazing app. Update, i use this with nexus 9 and galaxy tab 10.5 i have never had any problems. I use this a couple times a month to DJ gigs works every time, the spottily Integration is amazing. Gone are the days of dragging a laptop and 500gb of music. I use two tablets and always have more than enough. Well worth the upgrade. Recommend

  •  shetImpelttex

    shetImpelttex Finally :) Having moved from Apple to Android almost 2 years ago, this is the only app that I truly missed. I gave up searching for it on the Play store 6 months ago and was very pleasantly surprised to come across it by accident today. My favourite app, thanks! :) EDIT: PLEASE INCORPORATE DEEZER MUSIC!!? Brilliant

  •  Naomi_BroP

    Naomi_BroP I am wondering where can I get the background drums that to mix songs? I remember another app that has different kinds of drums come out right on one press on a button and never stop playing until you do so. But I can't find it everywhere from this app. All you can do is to hit the drum manually which is not helping at all. I want it keep playing automatically so I can do other stuffs on the tune. Anyone has a clue how to? Many thanks! Well done!!

  •  CabVoxCoiniof

    CabVoxCoiniof Crashes before even starting up! Worked fine with my old phone now since i upgraded to my galaxy s7 it crashes please fix it Omg

  •  wangwei8

    wangwei8 Good Like the 1 you trust,,but does not work on samsung galaxy e 9.6 does not open sound files Enjoy it!

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