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Le dr Conduite vous rend fou!Pas un jeu de course, mais au volant de jeu!

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Dr. Parking came back as Dr. Driving!
Dr. Driving drives you crazy!
Gravez jusqu'à la rue la plus rapide et visuellement
superbe édition de la série Dr Parking.
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Commentaires à propos de Dr. Driving

  •  DadoAdvoxia

    DadoAdvoxia Legendary Game Online thing is cool!! Real experience...I've been playing it for more than 2 years now. So many games have been installed and removed, only this survived!!! Please add more features... Enjoy it!

  •  GoldenNetworking

    GoldenNetworking Best game eber played This is called a game made car addictors and love to drive a car.SUPERB graphics and awesome and easy to play but may you please reduce the prices of the car thats all the problem i meet. THANKYOU FOR SUCH A GOOD GAME MAY YOU RELEASE MORE NEW GAMES LIKE THIS. 5 star

  •  Shanhual

    Shanhual I love it but tournament in next update But I need only one thing u guys should tournament in the multiplayer please in next update and I have over 50 friends who play this and they all need it they said in the next update if there is no tournament they will delete it Marvelous

  •  maryam79

    maryam79 Needs to bring new things Include new tracks, change surroundings, make it more realistic, include new missions. I got bored playing the same everytime. Plz do include new things to make this game more popular. Thanks Worth a go!

  •  Rowling

    Rowling Legendary Game Online thing is cool!! Real experience...I've been playing it for more than 2 years now. So many games have been installed and removed, only this survived!!! Pretty good

  •  jnekmooevd

    jnekmooevd Not good It look more like a simulator then a online game, plus the picture for the app isn't very good, try and make it eye-catching and if u do all that then the app will storming with downloads Good

  •  aidedymbomo

    aidedymbomo Race tracks This game is really good but it would more awesome if you add race tracks for online racing because we cannot see the opponent car and also head to head race is more joyful love it

  •  tutorJobs

    tutorJobs Better but not the best. It's so nice for time pass. Well maintained to a real car without strokes. It would be the best with some update. Not enough wide road visibility to drive car for a fast speed. Overall I like it. Try it to learn car drive. Perfect!

  •  neuroniosevoluindo

    neuroniosevoluindo We need more things We need the cars to move after putting on the turning lights and the traffic lights we need traffic lights they're always on yellow excuse me but why did you put traffic lights if you will always make it on yellow and we need some more challenges if you did all that I'd definitely give it 5 stars! Worth it!

  •  fiona123

    fiona123 What a download speed When I close my eyes and open it is downloaded!Nice game but the cars are very expensive.The second car of the game takes 2000 coins.Anyway nice game Pretty good

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