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با نقاشی کردن٬ تمام محیط را در کنترل خود داشته باشید. ابری بکشید تا ببارد و گیاهانتان رشد کنند! این بازی را می توان با یک بازی ماجراجویی٬ آر پی جی٬ پازل و ... مقایسه کرد ولی مکانیزم نقاشی آن با همه ی بازی های دیگر متفاوت است. مداد را بردارید و به دنیای حماسه وارد شوید! Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Draw a Stickman: EPIC Free

  •  singaporeflowershop

    singaporeflowershop Um... I really liked th game! The idea was cool, bringing your drawing to life... but then when you get to level 3 you can't ho on any more without buying the full version! That's the part I didn't really like about that game. But over all it's good :-) Muito bom!

  •  GoBigTeam

    GoBigTeam Give it a try Guys I got it so Yolo this thing take a risk come on don't be scared I'm with you if you read this thank you and take risk Superb!

  •  rlgj01

    rlgj01 Playing this Well, at first I wanted to do a dog and save my sweetheart. And I got mad! So, since my sweetheart is a problem solver, so I changed my awesome mind and play as my sweetheart and save a dog with no name. I just called my dog... "The dog" Great!

  •  rlgj04

    rlgj04 Awsome but There are some bugs that you didn't fix like i almost beat the monster it lag then it like or just blink to me and i lose and retry again please fix that bug :) Pretty good

  •  megha_7831

    megha_7831 The animals in this game are so cute! I love how you can draw stuff in your hands to help you get further into the game, and how you can help animals. But I felt bad when I had to freeze the walruses in the penguin place ;c But anyway this game is great. I can't wait to try out the other levels, get more pages and jigsaw pieces love it

  •  dianarainho

    dianarainho Awesome Mmg rugi lah spe x download...mmg unik game ni...klau ade lgi confirm aq download Not bad

  •  michellesinatra

    michellesinatra LOVE IT A LOT! Wars it has everything! Drew a war hat win you make your stick man! It's great but hard to! Worth it!

  •  joannelisbeth

    joannelisbeth Very Entertaining. This game offers something new to gamers out there like me who find almost all of the other games lacking in terms of novelty and offering the gamers a whole new gaming experience. Kudos to the developers of this game :) Awesome

  •  diksha

    diksha I loved it very much but... This game are totally awesome !!!! My character are handsome ! But when i finish this one level, where is the other level? I feel little sad about it . But your game soooooo COOL!!! Marvelous

  •  pypeefferorcE

    pypeefferorcE Stickman I love stickman I wish I can play it all day Recommend

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