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Jouons dans un crocodile en ligne sur android. Maintenant, vous n'avez pas besoin карячиться et de faire semblant d'être quelque chose, dessinez pensé vous donne la parole et en ligne, le joueur doit deviner.

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Draw Something для андроид. Развлекаемся и веселимся с помощью любимой игры с самого детства в крокодила. Стоит сразу отметить, что играем онлайн с другими реальными игроками, а так же необходимо знание английского языка или можно воспользоваться словарем/переводчиком.

Ваша задача выбрать одно из трех слов и изобразить его на экране своего смартфона или планшета. Игрок должен его угадать, затем вы меняетесь ролями. Игра очень увлекательная и затягивающая, так что приготовьте бутерброды рядом с собой.

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piratés, jeux sans cache, dessin

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Commentaires à propos de Draw Something

  •  zqmabjc

    zqmabjc So fun Like pictionary but without the time pressure and you get a few words to choose from Awesome

  •  millerspharmacy

    millerspharmacy Not as good as it was slowing down greatly Shame was a really good app but now takes ages to load and I know it's not just me, friends also reported same problem, also share options after drawing not needed, please fix Fantastic

  •  Obserierbkise

    Obserierbkise All the brushes and colors I bought with real money back in the day are gone????? I put it down BC it was hard to draw on my phone... come back to have lost everything and it won't sign into my current fb only my old one.... Go well

  •  HotFasseprear

    HotFasseprear Fun Entertaining. Would give 5 stars if I could remove the game I started accidentally that I have no intention of playing. The game just sits there and periodically reminds me to draw. Perfect

  •  verify

    verify Fun game but... Crashes every time I click on the notification to access the app. Also I have been redirected to an advert a couple of times despite having the paid version. Surprisingly

  •  nnecmtnve

    nnecmtnve A suggestion I would really appreciate a drawing tool size in between the smallest and second-smallest. Well done!!

  •  zivlnazp

    zivlnazp Fun game, although much easier to draw on tablets or with a stylus than on a phone with your finger Flawless

  •  ieejfflhz

    ieejfflhz Fun and creative It's a fun game, a lot of the challenge drawings are repeated over and over, but I like it overall. Works perfectly

  •  xbwhmhpz

    xbwhmhpz Loyal but very bored Leaderboard does not work. It would be nice if your drawings could be saved and reused and there were more pens/markers/tools; reminiscent of Draw Something 2. No new badges, but there's no sense having them if nobody sees them. I've bought all the colors. The only thing to buy now is bombs. I've reached the game's highest potential. :( Perfect

  •  ecursucj

    ecursucj Draw Something 2 I Still Liked Draw Something 2 Much More, Because You Had Difftent Equipment Like The Highlighter And Water Colour. Sadly, You Just Have Basic Stuff On This App.. Not bad

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