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Dream League Soccer es un simulador de fútbol muy divertido en el que tendremos que llevar a nuestro equipo a la gloria, partiendo de las categorías inferiores de una liga ficticia en la que militan varios equipos de todas las ligas de Europa.

Al comenzar la partida tendremos que elegir un nombre para nuestro equipo, diseñar su equipación y elegir un capitán. Una vez hecho esto empezaremos en una liga con una serie de equipos de un nivel modesto, como Levante, Anderletch o Herenveen, y tendremos que ganar partidos para subir de categoría.

Por el camino también tendremos que gestionar a nuestro equipo: mejorar las instalaciones del estadio, hacer la táctica del equipo, llevar a cabo fichajes, o revisar todas las estadísticas de nuestro once inicial. Todo ello influirá a la hora de saltar al terreno de juego e intentar hacer goles a nuestros rivales.

Dentro del simulador de juego es donde empezará realmente la diversión. Tenemos solo tres botones: pase, disparo y centro, que serán más que suficientes para disfrutar de un sistema de control estupendo. Con ellos, podremos hacer paredes, pases en profundidad, regates, vaselinas, y un largo etcétera.

Dream League Soccer es uno de los mejores juegos de fútbol que podemos encontrar en Google Play, y lo mejor es que es completamente gratuito. Podemos pagar para quitar la publicidad, pero ni es abundante ni es molesta, por lo que no es necesario.
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  •  mobileinsurances

    mobileinsurances Played For Two years This is the best games ever .I've been playing for 2 years. You should think it's the best too!I have lots of good players. One of them is Messi. And if I would get on the new tablet, I still install it and I once made 15 goals and the other team made 0 goals. That is just sad Muito bom!

  •  Andriy

    Andriy Improvements to made Remove the ads. When i shoot my own team member blocks it. When i pass it hits the referee. When i change the GK's dress after 2 games it changes. Some players dont have their correct position example ronaldo's position is WL and you should add some players. I really like this game but i will give 5 stars if you do this things next update. Highly Recommend.

  •  hwedbshadlt

    hwedbshadlt Great, but a few things. I have made a nice away kit but since then havent played an away game. Is this a coincidence? I have played a lot of games since then and would like to use both kits rather than making my away kit into my home kit so I can actually use it. Also, is there a way I can increase the duration of each match? But i've noticed most comments havent been replied to so im not counting of anything. Thanks. Superb!

  •  ellzka

    ellzka Rubish!!!!!!!! What the ****just kiding By the way idont like it idont love it I'm not in love with it either Im super in love with it but there should be a little changes like we shoul be able to play with friends just like fifa. Did u know that for me its better than fifa on android if it were on the playstation and xbox it would have been 100% that it would been better Just wow

  •  parciihx

    parciihx Great game This really is a good game and not impossible to play without spending real money so don't mind the adds at all you guys gotta pay the bills. Everyone complaining about graphics you ever noticed how mobile games with good graphics the gameplay suffers. I would much rather have good gameplay witch is exactly what you get. Could it be better absolutely but come on it's a MOBILE game. Flawless

  •  bookmarkingsite

    bookmarkingsite Dream league soccer Its an awesome game. I would like to rate it a 5 but their is somethings I'd like this game to have. Change of color for goalie gloves just like the cleats. Return the players you dont want back to their original team. Also make the fans get up from their seat once a player scores. With these the game would be more than awesome. Also add multiplayer for android phone/tablet Must have

  •  lalowery

    lalowery The Game Is Just Super What a wonderful game! I got challenged by some teams like Man City, Munich, and sometimes Chelsea. But that was two months back. Now I score these teams up to 6, 7 and above goals anytime I play with them. It's kind of easy now for me. I suggest higher levels of difficulty. If you give me more like d Ultimate Challenge team I'll be head over heels in love wt this game. I 'll die for this game, hahaha, if u add multiplayer option. Thanks, guys. U 're d bomb. love it

  •  bhoslcrsha

    bhoslcrsha Like it The game is good but the matches are too hard, please lower the difficultly. Also when my players foul a player from the other team they always get a red card. Please make a yellow card because most of my players are on a red card and not that many are in a match. Overall the game is good and has some great potential. I would rate the game 5 stars if you lowered down the difficultly and make a yellow card. I still love the game. Worth it!

  •  josuehorn547

    josuehorn547 I will give a 5 stars rating when the control key (the circle one) gets some improvement. They make it hard to move players around, when trying to make a through ball, it just hit the nearest player like a very hash pass. Good game so far, control key needs to stop being frozen as well when trying to change directions Perfect

  •  lorenzopolla820

    lorenzopolla820 Good but lots of things should be done I like it and I am already in the Elite Division but I never won it. But it needs to fix a lot of things: 1. When someone tackles me, the referee never gives me a free kick. 2. Can you make the fans and players look more realistic? 3. Please make new updates because a lot of transfers are already done and the squad is already old. 4. Add multiplayer on Android. 5. Make new leagues please. Awesome

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