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Après le succès massif de Dumb façons de mourir, nous donnons au monde quelque chose frais, nouveau et original tomber amoureux: une suite.

Dumb Ways to Die 2: Les Jeux a pris le monde par la tempête; le lancement de la place n ° 1 dans 83 pays avec 75 millions de téléchargements et plus de 1,2 milliard de pièces uniques à ce jour.

Bénéficiant tous les nouveaux niveaux et défis, les classements, ainsi qu'un casting de nouveaux personnages, Dumb façons de mourir 2: Les Jeux est (dans notre propre point de vue complètement biaisé) la meilleure suite de quoi que ce soit, jamais.

Et la meilleure partie est de plus de 65 millions de personnes se sont engagés à être en sécurité autour des trains suite à la sortie du jeu. Dumb Ways to Die 2: Les Jeux apporte un message de sécurité ferroviaire au monde d'une manière insolente et amusant. Mostram as palavras do Editor:
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Commentaires à propos de Dumb Ways to Die 2: The Games

  •  imjoe1234

    imjoe1234 A great game I played it long time ago,n I decided to install n play it again.When I started to play,t here are a lot of new stuff that I don't know,so I could only depend on the instructions but some letters r disappeared so I have no idea how to play it Perfect

  •  europack

    europack Dumb ways to die 2 The only thing I want to play on phoned is dumb ways 2 this is the best android game ever Cool

  •  Connor01

    Connor01 The Ads!!!! The Ads keep freezing. Like it's bad enough they are full screen. So can u puhleeez fix it. But the game is very hilarious nontheless. Fantastic

  •  elenaadams

    elenaadams It really is a fun game but... There are misprinted text files like the letters are mixed up when you are supposed like tap fast it says tpa staf Cool

  •  neetha143

    neetha143 OHH MY GOOOOOD!!! Wow its very nice , i wanna play it all the time, like im very Addicted to this game i have downloaded Dumb ways to die 1 and 2 , but i really love the Dumb ways to die 1 and 2! Its like oh my god is this a game ? Am i immortal because my 2 year old once played this and later on he tries everything she sees on this game he tried to wound up herself and stop the Blood she died with 76 wound in her body but this game have no fault because! I believe she was possessed by a demon! The comments below are Not bad

  •  GyncDymnfucky

    GyncDymnfucky It is fun. Sumtimes when you play it can be kindof hard to score like 1600. Cuase when i play i don't feel very cumfturbul playing. love it

  •  SofNeerntef

    SofNeerntef Better than the original This game is really fun and though it can get boring much like the original cause your basically doing the same thing over and over again except with more stuff so it takes much longer to get bored Just wow

  •  exocet

    exocet Glitches It's a fun game but there are glitches. The directions are messed up (tr lt t win.) And the collectible characters on the map are hard to see. Highly Recommend.

  •  PenGroove

    PenGroove Addictive I was surprised when i started playing that my grandkids already knew and loved the game. They even sang the song. I only gave it 4 cuz the damn airplane keeps screwing me up. Great game tho Great job

  •  martinscruss

    martinscruss Good but..... When it says faster before i have to stir the cauldron thing I try to stir it after and it won't let me. Fix this problem and I will give it five stars Enjoy it!

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