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Aider à Henry s'évader de prison. Essayez de trouver tous les trois terminaisons!

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Versão: 1.2.2
Tamanho: 31M


Dernière vol de banque de Henry s'est mal terminée et maintenant il est en prison! Heureusement qu'il a reçu des renforts sous la forme d'un gâteau-paquet. Aidez-le à faire les bons choix et d'échapper à la prison, ou choisir les mauvaises options et rire les résultats.

-Trouver tous les 18 uniques échoue!

-Avec trois fins, vous pouvez échapper tranquillement, ou faire sauter votre chemin!

-J'ai fait le mauvais choix? Vous pouvez facilement recommencer le choix et tenter de réussir!

-Neuf réalisations auront vous de chasse pour cette douce satisfaction de trouver les secrets!

** Nécessite Adobe Air ** Mostram as palavras do Editor:
s'échapper le dirigeable, voler le diamant, s'échapper du complexe, casser la banque, s'échapper de la diamond, fuyant le complexe, s'échapper de jeux, evasion 1 cellule solution

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Commentaires à propos de Escaping the Prison

  •  UToomri

    UToomri It's a great game I really appreciate when games have funny graphics and great voices of the same group working together and is there a #2 Fabulous!

  •  jackmoya

    jackmoya Best game ever It is short but still it's really really good and there's many many ways to complete the game Sodus don't dislike it it's a really good game love it

  •  kkgevae

    kkgevae super awesome thanks for a game like this the only thing that I don't like it is so short that is all keep up the good work please and remember I will definitely download every escape game there is Perfect

  •  vqmyknipdcr

    vqmyknipdcr I love it it is so nice but it was too short can you pls. Make the2 part pls. Make it endless Great job

  •  kitvzho

    kitvzho A bit boring It was a very simple game took less than 5 minutes to do its an OK game but it needs to be more challenging Superb!

  •  northsydneyfine

    northsydneyfine Awesome A message to the people who think it is too short: There is more than one ending. There is more than that terrible ending where you call a lawyer. That is the first ending I found because it was OBVIOUS. Try finding the more difficult, more awesome endings. Good

  •  javiperez

    javiperez I rate it five stars because it is one of my favorite games all of you haters are dumb just cus it's short it isent bad it's a series Amazing!

  •  philipduroughb55

    philipduroughb55 Meh It's,well,it's kinda OK...The story is cool but it should have more objects and more levels.Maybe some daily challenges or something.I would recommend this,if you want to just play something that repeats itself alot tho. Recommend

  •  dikubaav

    dikubaav Cool Easter Egg If you use the jetpack then it has a fake fail, and it's really long, but it only gives you a few seconds to read it. Well, if you want to know what it says, take a screenshot when it appears, then look at the screenshot and read the text. This game is not LAAAAAAAMMΜMMMMEEEEEEE Fantastic

  •  ToYourHealth

    ToYourHealth Game play too short Game looks great, just a shame there isn't more of it. Took all of two clicks and 5 minutes of trial video to complete one "not guilty" and maybe another 10 - 15 mins for the rest... love it

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